Astrology: Neptune Reveals Your Dreams

Do you wonder how the universe and the planets influence our lives, dreams, emotions, and desires? We examine how Neptune does just that.

What Neptune Direct Means for Your Sun Sign

As one of the outer planets, Neptune has a slow orbit, taking about 14 years to pass through a sign. When it retrogrades for approximately five months at a time, it’s a time in which to delve into the depths of your hopes, dreams, personal desires and your more spiritual side.

Neptune went retrograde on June 4 and will shift into forward motion on November 11. During the retrograde period you may have found yourself having some seemingly crazy and/or prophetic dreams or possibly dreams you did not quite understand. Writing down those dreams as they occur and then reading your dream journal back once the retrograde period ends could be an enlightening experience. Suddenly all of those strange dreams and jarring revelations seem to make sense and start to reveal a story—the story of your secret hopes and desires. When Neptune goes direct again you can use that information to help you turn those dreams into actions. Do you want your dreams examined by one our psychic readers, call us today.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune went retrograde in Pisces, its astrological home base, and remained there during the entire retrograde period. Now, Neptune starts at Pisces 0 degrees, the very beginning of Pisces. Neptune in Pisces works sort of behind the scenes ruling over all that is hidden from the outer world, visions, illusions and insights. Think of all the hidden treasures of the seas. Your psychic abilities and your opposition to all that is ego-centered might suddenly become something you want to share with others and the world.

Secrets and Fantasies

Neptune is the king of the underworld and the dark and mysterious seas. Aside from the spiritual, prophetic and mystical properties of Neptune in Pisces, there can also be a secretive side that emerges, such as concealing one’s true identity in online dating profiles or pretending to be someone other than who we truly are when we meet someone new. It’s more a safety mechanism than an intentional desire to deceive. But when Neptune is retrograde, these tendencies can also be derived from a secret desire to be someone else, even if only for a while.

When Neptune goes in direct motion we are less covert, but there is still a tendency to keep our secrets close to the vest until they are ready to be revealed—waiting for a feeling of being more accepted by the outside world.

Pisces is a water sign and a nurturing and nutrient-rich feeding ground for our dreams and ideas about what our lives could be and should be like. If during the retrograde you started to think that something you dreamed about might become possible as opposed to wildly impossible, you were right. Your intuition is heightened and when Neptune goes direct, you will find yourself in safe waters to share your dreams with others in the real world (as opposed to the underworld) and bring your ideas to light.

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