Your Weekend Forecast for May 25-27, 2012

Enjoy Your Three-Day Weekend!

On Friday, the moon moves from Cancer to Leo, and by the evening, getting dressed up and going out for some Friday night fun is very much in order. This weekend, the energies run higher than they have all month, and we have an extra day off with Memorial Day on May 28 to get more done. The Gemini Sun gives energy to the Leo Moon and early summer vibrations bring tranquil warmth to our moods.

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” – Benjamin Disraeli


You want to sow your intellectual oats this weekend and are ready to have some engaging conversations with your circle of friends. Sparking new ideas seems to come easy to you and you take total advantage of this mindful energy as you amaze your friends with your gift of wisdom.


A three-day getaway that has been planned takes a turn and you find yourself going in a different direction. Do not worry! You will have a better time due to this turn of events. Just go with the flow.


It has been a long time since you really had a three-day weekend. With the warmth of the Leo Moon, you feel a bit amorous and this will make that special person in your life very happy. It’s time to play! There will be plenty of time to get your chores and other items on your to-do list done in the coming week.


Find your balance and keep steady, because if you get into a negative mood, everyone around you will suffer. It will take some work to stay on the lighter side of life this weekend. Just remember not to put out the fires of those you love.


Party time is here! The gang is coming over and you are more than ready for a weekend of company. You will find that one of your guests is willing to lend you a helping hand at hosting. So enjoy!


High energy embraces you and you give back by working for a co-worker so they can have the weekend off with their family. The rewards for this act will come back sooner than you think.


Packing and readying the family for the weekend away excites you, knowing of the fun to come. Everyone in the household seems to be behaving, making this trip one that will be remembered for a long time. Don’t forget the camera.


This weekend you might find yourself stepping out of bounds in a conversation with someone who is very important in your life. Temper your words with mindfulness. This is not a time to burn bridges.


So many people are happy to see you this weekend. Travel will be easy because you and your crew hit the road early and enjoy a traffic-free ride to your destination. Be sure to pack plenty of water and enjoy all the pit stops along the way.


At first instinct, you want to hide out at home, but as the weekend wears on you find getting out with loved ones changes your mood for the better. Having an “I don’t care” attitude is not going to get you anywhere. An attitude adjustment is required.


Feeling warm and fuzzy makes for a great weekend with those you love and adore. Your energy level is high and your passion for a new adventure takes over. Stepping outside your comfort zone graces you with a new experience.


If you ever had the strength and energy to run a marathon, this is the weekend to do so. Your body is in great shape for a sport or a run. Here is a weekend where your mind, body and spirit seem to gel with perfection.

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