4 Tips For Talking To Women

How to Win Her Over

For a good segment of the male population, talking to women should be completely natural. However, it’s actually the most terrifying prospect possible. Why? Well, to those guys who grew up as only children, or with brothers and no sisters, women can seem like strange and mystical beings, and these guys become shy around them. When fears and insecurities stop these shy guys from being able to enjoy the process of romance and attraction, loneliness and misery result. Here are four tips for talking to women that shy guys, and not-so-shy guys should follow:

1. Be Natural: Pick-Up Lines are Sooo… 80’s

Chances are that if you force something, it will look forced. Women are highly attuned to those around them, and by their 21st birthdays they’ve probably had their fill of all the corny pick-up lines and clumsy come-ons guys know. So if you don’t want to be just another creep, try to actually have something sincere to say. Give them an honest reason for approaching them in the first place. Remember, this isn’t a job interview, so don’t ask them about their 5 year plan.

2. Pub Romance = Zero Chance of Love

A romance doesn’t begin in bars and clubs, no matter what epic movies or your male counterparts say. The best places to look for love are where people see each other on a regular basis: the workplace, social groups, sports teams, the gym, the local supermarket, online social networks, etc. It’s these places where you’re most likely to encounter that special someone and form a positive, mutual attraction. If your social calendar lacks regular activities that bring you into contact with the outside world and all the beautiful women that inhabit it, it’s time to change things up a bit.

3. Go Slow. Turtle Slow.

So you’ve found a special lady you’re attracted to, and you want to grow old together… No! Slow down, Speedy Gonzalez! Thinking ahead to all the possible eventualities is a massive mistake. Put away your imagination and all your expectations and actually get to know this person first, by talking to her. Communicate.

Start slow and strike up a natural conversation. Just be yourself and God forbid, do not start talking about the weather. If she smiles and says “Hello” back, it doesn’t mean she’s ready to bear your children. Stop dreaming. Mistaking a woman’s basic friendliness for romantic interest is another huge mistake guys make. It takes time and effort to see what path lies before you and this possible significant other.

4. Understand and Relate

Women are real people, just like you, with their own experiences, opinions, faults, hopes and dreams. If you want to be a part of her life, be yourself and be genuinely interested in who she is. Find an opportunity to strike up a casual conversation and go from there. Try complimenting her, but not on her tight buttocks. Try complimenting her on an accessory that catches your attention, such as a funky bracelet or a ring. You can even go as far as complimenting her on her striking eyes. Remember though, keep it light. Don’t even think of asking for a date until you’re sure she’s comfortable with you and likes having you around. Once you establish a rapport, things will flow naturally to wherever they’re supposed to. If she’s not interested, it will be obvious and you should move on. No harm done. Don’t take it personally.

Closing advice: Whatever happens, don’t give up. Talking to women is not as difficult as you would think. We are human and crave companionship. Knowing how to communicate with women in general requires effort and it is an achievable goal. Don’t worry! Practice makes perfect, and very few of us find that special someone on the first try. Keep your heart and mind open, be yourself, and love will find you. But remember, women adore men who can communicate on all levels. So, speak up.

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7 thoughts on “4 Tips For Talking To Women

  1. Barbara H

    This is some very good advice . . . ahhh, but trying to get guys to actually READ it and follow it . . now there’s the problem . . . LOL . . . Thanks for trying anyhow, Natasha!!



  3. Randy

    Hey i like this aproach become friend first if they are calm enough to wait for you if not its the wrong person anyway.


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