Poll: What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Sleeping Next to a Man?

You Know You Want to Vent…

Sharing a bed can be one of the most challenging aspect of any couple’s relationship. We all have those little things we do that can add up to big frustrations. What’s YOUR biggest annoyance with sleeping next to a man?? Vote below!

What's the most annoying thing about sleeping next to a man?

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One thought on “Poll: What’s the Most Annoying Thing About Sleeping Next to a Man?

  1. jolenejensen

    To me the most annoying thing sleeping next to a man would be snoring. Mild snoring isn’t so bad I can use ear plugs but LOUD shake the room snoring means they need a sleep apnea machine. Everything else is just mother nature and it is expected especially as we get older. Someone who doesn’t take care of themselves is a big turn off for me. We all have issues but what do I do to try and remedy it? This includes women!


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