Psychic Shauna: Be a Magnet for Prosperity

Let the Things You Need Flow to You

Prosperity is already yours. Why? The Cosmic Universal Mind is ready, willing, and eager to shower untold blessings on you, for giving is the nature of our Universal Source of Supply. You are actually manifesting things naturally and automatically every day using your thoughts and feelings! Are you now willing to get rid of all obstacles and manifest receiving? Begin by setting your vibrational tone to match the package that will be delivered to you. Feel the joy, the celebration of receiving what you desire. Then set your deep intention by using powerful thoughts and images. Immediately replace any negative thought with a one-pointed focus on the picture image of what you desire. There are many “keys” to abundance. I’ll focus on two of the tried and true.

Be a Magnet

Imagine your thoughts are “magnets.” These magnets go out into the world and attract exactly what you set up as the image or model. The stronger your emotions are, the quicker you create that image. Get excited! Immerse yourself into the picture and make it real! The more you love having prosperity, the more you’ll picture it and feel it. Repeat often: “I am an irresistible magnet for money, prosperity, abundance and success.

Magnetize things you truly want, are ecstatic to have, and are prepared to own. Be motivated to set aside time every day and in a quiet place, practice attracting it. If you want to win the lottery, can you really imagine having all that money? How would you spend it? Make it real. Want a new job? Visualize. See yourself  dressed-up, irresistible, breezing through the interview and then receiving the offer. Feel it.

Believe and Speak Unlimited Wealth and Prosperity

You have the power to change an unhappy condition or lack of plenty by using words and images that transmute the appearance of failure into prosperity, abundance, wealth and unlimited happiness. Words and pictures impress the subconscious mind, opening the door for your unlimited supply to manifest. Belief is knowing, having faith that it’s already received and then preparing! This means feeling comfortable in your physical body and knowing how to operate in the material world with no fear. It’s not just a matter of changing your thoughts. It’s a shift in core beliefs that have a strong connection with your soul, and releasing feelings of inadequacy and replacing them with supportive ideas that honor and care for you and the physical world around you. It’s okay if that takes money. Think of money as a creative energy for your growth, your healing, your soul’s choice and see how it can serve you!

Prosperity can make things happen, get things, do things, fulfill and satisfy your emotional, spiritual and mental needs. The more comfortable you are with power, the more money you’ll be able to create. Money is a mirror of our consciousness. That’s why some people can’t enjoy their money or power. Whether it’s feelings of fear, helplessness or failure awareness, they sabotage success and have chronic financial problems. Don’t be afraid of wealth. Be sure what you want is good for you. Then go after it with perseverance until you get it. You can start small or big, but you can’t accomplish your goals with doubts, uncertainty, or constantly changing.

Be alert for opportunities, so keep your mental channel clear and positive. Have a good relationship with money and success. Love it, and let it love you back. One Hollywood success story is Jim Carey. When he was an aspiring actor, he made up his own check written with his name on it for $1 Million, pasted it on his mirror and every day saw it staring at him. We all know that check became his reality.

Try using prosperity mantas like these: “All channels are free. All doors are open for my endless stream of prosperity that delivers all I desire and more.” “I give myself permission to have what I want.” “Money flows into my life easily. I am prosperous.” “I am financially independent and free.” “The tide of destiny has turned in my favor to bring to me my heart’s desire.”

5 thoughts on “Psychic Shauna: Be a Magnet for Prosperity

  1. Patricia

    Very good information. I read this book by Louis Hayes You can heal yourself it has the same information and more. I was very inspiring. And it also, help in other area’s of one life. Thank you for the information it was helpful 🙂

  2. Anthony

    I realy want to manifest prosperity,financial freedom,abundance and everything that makes life worth living.
    How do i go about it.
    Please help.


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