Your Weekend Forecast for February 1 – 3, 2013

Unhappiness Washes Away

Venus, the planet of love, enters Aquarius this evening, and what a perfect way to start the weekend. The love of humanity gets extra enhancement from the Aquarius Sun and the lovely balance of the Libra Moon. Any unhappiness washes away as we move forward into a time of understanding and compassion. The Scorpio Moon lends itself to deep thinking Saturday and Sunday.


Feeling amorous feels good. You go with the flow and find yourself very excited about the date you made with the new person you met a few weeks ago. If you’re married or in a relationship, this weekend will be a major turning point by improving any problems.


Finding yourself opening up and talking about how you feel surprises you and your loved ones. There has been a lot on your mind, and the desire to want to do more for those you love takes on new meaning. You are at a high point in your life, so enjoy it.


Friday night there is an elevation in your emotional energy. This will carry you like a baby in the arms of a loved one throughout the weekend. Do not get your loved one upset or you will find yourself dropped without the advantage of reasoning.


Fretting about a lost love gets you nowhere. Letting go is not one of your strong points, and if you choose to stay home, at least enjoy the gloom and doom by watching some good movies that will make you cry. This way you can get over it.


Frisky energy gets ya going, and your roar is louder than usual. This is a fine weekend for fun, friends and family. You have a commitment that needs to be taken care of and you’re on it. Your voice is heard.


You’re finely tuned and ready for a few days of putting together the new bookcases and other things you bought to bring the house together. Your eye for perfection astounds your family and friends when they come over to view the newness and enjoy a good meal.


Finishing a big project on Friday leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment, not to mention relief. You’re able to kick back and relax with those you love. Sunday, you take to the chaise lounge and finish the last book in a series you love.


Fitting in with a bunch of happy people could make this weekend a challenge for you. In your heart of hearts, you know you can shine. Let the depth of your nature come to the surface, and share in the good conversations and interesting entertainment.


Flirting with some hotties on Friday night makes for an eventful weekend. Your eye for positive people puts you into a very eclectic mix, and you’re invited out of town for the whole weekend. These new connections bring you not only pleasure but business as well.


Favorite people show up at your door making this weekend ever entertaining. Enlightening talks around the fireplace spark new interests, bringing a renewed sense of peace to your life.


Flattery will get you whatever you want this weekend. Those who admire you love to know how you feel about them. Show your love by expressing how exquisite your loved ones look.


Figure skating is on the agenda for this weekend. The lodge is waiting for your arrival with freshly packed snow perfect for skiing. The evening events are cozy with no TV or outside distractions to interfere with sweet conversations.

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