Your Month of Love Horoscope

Your February 2013 Forecast

Do you hunger for a “higher” form of love—that is, someone who is spiritually in-tune with you? With the powerful focus on Pisces and Neptune influences this month, you just might find it. At the very least, you’re likely to meet people who are unusually compassionate or imaginative—or deceptive. Which brings up a caveat: If you’re drawn to people who are glamorous or elusive, or you’re in denial about your own emotional issues, you may wind up disillusioned when the other person doesn’t live up to your expectations. My best advice? Seek the truth about yourself and others. Want to know if they are spiritually in tune with you? Get a love reading from Psychic Burke ext. 5655 and find out.

In the outer world, activities that are altruistic, imaginative or spiritual will be empowered.

Transit Tales

Neptune in Pisces being joined by Mars, Mercury, the Sun and Venus in Pisces on the 1st, 5th, 18th and 25, respectively, can ignite your need to explore your spirituality, creativity, psychic ability, healing powers or inner world. What’s more, multiple conjunctions to Neptune throughout the month intensify this ethereal energy. As mentioned above, strive to be grounded enough to see things clearly and take care of your practical/physical life. Need some help staying grounded this month? Find out what could throw you off balance with a life path reading from Psychic Josie ext. 5520.

Planets in Motion

Retrograde Saturn in Scorpio from February 18 – July 7/8 encourages you to reevaluate your outer goals and commitments. On the downside, this influence can make it difficult to get a major project off the ground.

Mercury in Pisces will be retrograde from February 25 – March 17, which favors analyzing the past and using meditation or therapy to gain clarity. Just watch out for snafus involving communications, agreements, paperwork and travel.

“Astrology is our life’s blueprint  reflected by the stars.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885

Lunar Magic

The New Moon in Aquarius on the 9th/10th shines a light on activities pertaining to friends, groups or humanitarian efforts.

The Full Moon in Virgo on the 25th squares Jupiter in Gemini, which can accelerate or disrupt communications, multitasking, travel and health-related activities.

Planetary Highlights

February 1 – March 11: Mars in Pisces energizes endeavors that are fueled by compassion, creativity or spirituality.

February 1 – 24: Venus in Aquarius favors activities with friends and groups and can heighten your objectivity about relationships.

February 4: Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces can cloud your direction unless you access your inner guidance.

February 5 – April 12: Mercury in Pisces encourages ideas and discussions that are spiritual, altruistic or imaginative.

February 6: Mercury conjunct Neptune in Pisces heightens intuition but may also intensify denial, deception or confusion.

February 6 – 7: Venus trine Jupiter favors social encounters, networking and financial agreements, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and to a lesser extent for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

February 8: Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces can help you take action on an idea that is altruistic, spiritual or creative.

February 9/10: The New Moon in Aquarius shines a light on social encounters, group activities and humanitarian projects.

February 9 – 10: Mercury and Mars square Jupiter can expand or disrupt ideas or discussions that involve travel, healing, education, culture or spirituality, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

February 10: Venus square Saturn can deepen a commitment or bring up a fear about being alone, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

February 12: Mercury trine Saturn brings a serious or practical element to ideas and discussions, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

February 16: Mars trine Saturn can help you take practical steps toward a goal, especially for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces and to a lesser extent for Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

February 18 – March 19: Sun in Pisces favors activities that focus on compassion, art, spirituality or inner work.

February 18 – July 7/8: Retrograde Saturn favors an analysis of your goals and commitments, but can stymie the launch of a major project.

February 20 – 21: Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces can bring out your inner artist, healer or guru, but can derail practicality.

February 23 – March 17: Retrograde Mercury encourages inner work such as therapy or meditation, but may also mystify communications, agreements and travel plans.

February 25: The Full Moon in Virgo squares Jupiter, which expands/intensifies intellectual pursuits, communications, travel and health-related activities, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

February 25 – March 20: Venus in Pisces favors interactions that are compassionate, spiritual or creative.

February 26: Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces favors an analysis of your motivations for taking action in different areas of your life.

February 28: Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces intensifies the idealism, denial, deception or spiritual connection in relationships.

18 thoughts on “Your Month of Love Horoscope

  1. sherpeace

    Wow, reading the comments here makes me we realize how little we understand love, and how we confuse it with obsession and other emotions.
    “If you love something, let it go free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” I don’t know who wrote this quote, but even though I knew it as a teenager, I never followed it. I married two men that I didn’t love because I thought that them loving me was enough. It never is!
    The man I am married to now is the love of my life. BUT we had to go through a lot in order to finally be together.
    While I was running around with all kinds of guys (many were gay, fortunately), I knew that the one heart I didn’t want to break was the heart of this wonderful man. I moved away after I cried my eyes out saying goodbye. (He asked me years later, “What was that about?”)
    In LA, I broke some more hearts and THOUGHT I had mine broken several times. I realize now, looking back that they were ALL infatuations. I had a very hard time after 9/11 (though not in the way most people did). A friend sent me to Agape International House of Worship where I took the Newcomer’s Class and then SOM1. I learned how to be a spiritual being in this difficult world.
    Then, one day, I called up the man that I had left behind. But, even then, we had to go through some stuff. We met up at different cities in between our towns and talked, laughed & ate meals together. We drank and let our hair down. I still didn’t sleep with him and I do think that is key for a woman to hold back a bit. Eventually, I mentioned moving back to his town & he mentioned me moving in. But, the kicker was that he said he wanted to marry me in Seattle cuz the light at night matched my eyes. I was smiling ear to ear.
    We spent a few more weekends together and finally decided that this driving back & forth was getting to be too much so he bought me a ring and officially proposed and I went back to LA and told my boss I would be leaving at the end of 1st semester.
    I believe the man HAS to love the woman MORE, but the woman has to be crazy about the man too. BUT, I also believe the couple needs to really know each other. In my case, when I really thought about it, this was the one man I trusted, the one man I trusted to be the father of my children (though it didn’t happen; we were too old to have children). I think he wasn’t totally sure about me, but HE had never been married and decided to take a LEAP OF FAITH.
    There has to be times when we let it go though, trusting that the RIGHT thing WILL happen. At one point, he lost my number and we lost touch. We both thought the other wasn’t interested and I let it go, releasing it to the universe. So, did he. Then I finally called him, ready to say, it was o.k. if he changed his mind. I didn’t even get a chance because he said he was so glad I called him cuz he had lost my number!
    You have to trust that things work out as they are meant to. Move on with your life and allow yourself to grow and meet new people. If it is meant to happen, it will. If it isn’t, well, at least, now you have other interests and who knows, maybe you have met the RIGHT person while you were trying to get over the one YOU THOUGHT was right.
    P.S. I am wondering why this article is being re-posted on the first Sun. in Nov. Is it just so I could write this to all the forlorn lovers out there?

  2. larry

    hi im so in love with this beautiful womanher name is arlena mae rothrock sheknows how i feel about her she knows im in love with her now that our friendship has esclated she doesnt talk to me as much but we do talk iknow she has some type of feelings for me but we are both so independent and scared of getting hurt i want to bring our friendship to a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship ive been told to take it slow weve been friends for over 2yrs ive been attracted to arlena for at least 18 months how can you help bring our relationship together im reallly in love with arlena i would love to see some type of affection from her i feel that she is my solemate i treat her like a queen and sometimes i feel im getting shut down but she has told me she loved me we are ment for each other we are in love but scared to show our true feeling if i cant love her my life will be meaningless thats how much im in love with arlena i want to have children with her and she wants babies also so please help us in our relationship thank you for any type of help……….

  3. brigitte

    hi. i need your help im so deeply inlove of my ex-bf..i dont understand why he give up on me.. or maybe he cant handle a long distance relationship.. he promise me that he ganna wait me until im finished my job here and were ganna be together,, now he said that he wants to date again. im so sad when i heard that.. i dont even see him for a moth now.. for me is i wanna be with him.. i dont know if we have change to see each other again.. pls help me his b-day is aprill 8 1973,and mine is july 26.1981 hope u can help me

  4. Tessy

    i need a pyschic,i kinda confused rite nw pls cn u help,i m frm Nigeria cant get a physic here in Nigeria how do i go abt it.n right now i badly need one.i wil be glad if u decide to help me

  5. Danielle

    Im having some relationship issues with my guy, I have a feeling i have hurt him in some way but not sure what i did or how i did it, he won’t talk to me about it… I need help with this so bad because he is The One, i love this man so deeply it hurts, he is my Soulmate and i want to save what we have 🙁 plz help me

  6. jenna

    i would just like to ask about young relationships that are long distance… i would just like some serious advice… i dont know if anybody reads the comments but help would help a ton! thanks

  7. Randy

    You know I really don’t know anymore. I think it would take me and several psychics to get the old Sag back on track. Then I wouldn’t waste on a rediculous reach for love again. I just want to be one with nature and the rocks of the earth again. This article if you don’t mind look and see how many time picies is mintioned. That is what really broke my heart 30 some odd yrs ago. She was kiled about four yrs. ago in the fall on a motorcycle she just bought. Now I don’t disbelieve any of you or feel angred in anyway but before I met her I was the one with all the luck good intution. Now I’m just wondering around disabled and lost.

  8. virgo

    This is for Su,
    As you can plainly see there Su that you are a Virgo and your partner is that of a Scorpio and once again a Water and Earth combination as for you there Su you are the Earth Sign communicator or the mutable one for the Earth Element and there is no way that you should be trying to be the woman that he is seeking as you must be yourself as your true nature for who you are is an Earth sign and it means material within all aspects and you need solid ground where as your husband iis that of Water a very sensitive soul indeed and yes use must learn to give and take but it seems that he likes to be too bossy and pushy upon you and you must explain to him that he must give you some rope also and do not let him dictate your own personal life too much bu at the same time you must give in too him just as much as he gives into you as it is a two way streak and use must be able to have a life out of your marriage life to be able to be still on a very strong relationship standing as use boith have seemed to have lost all of your innocense some where along the ways, in other words use must be able to balance your marriage lives as welll as your personal lives into one but be able to still remain the best of friends and verything that your relationship thouroughly deserves for it to survive in other words as a coupple try to thin outside of the box to what use are living by at the moment as this will put a lot more spark back within your lives and then use will feel a lot more comfortable within each other but do not hurt each other just give yourselves a little bit of breathing space so that use can consolidate on a lot more of some beneficial grounds, like use must have some other kind of life out of a life surely if not make one and this will make your relationship a hell of a lot stronger than ever before and remember that Earth and Water is a very good combination as for what use are and it also hels to know on what moon signs or ascendants of the different planetary aspects for who use are as well within your relationship and by getting a birth chart done through california psychics might help also within your relationship compatibility to make it a lot more stronger, but may i suggest that use try for what that i had said to you before that i had suggested california psychics but if not get into touch with one of the psychic teams of california psychics to help resolve these issues, well the best of British and take care the both of you, but use do have a very good relationship but use both must learn to work at it and learn to give and take a little bit more. Well the best of British and take care and may god bless the both of you.

  9. Gay

    I was just reading the comments here and came across the one from Tony. I was sad for his anguish and pain. As an onlooker who is not involved in this tragic situation I can at least see through all the swirling clouds of misery and longing and isolate the core of this problem. Daniel doesn’t want a committed relationship and Tony does. They do not want the same thing. It would be foolish and soul destroying to pursue this man. Even if Daniel does get back in 1 month or 3 months or whenever the timing isn’t important. What is important is that Daniel does not want a committed relationship. Even if he does get back in touch it can only lead to more anguish and more heart break. There is an important lesson to be learnt here. Don’t be so ready to fling over the doors to your heart for any person until they have earned your trust and until they have made it clear that they want what you want in whatever sort of relationship you are looking for. You’ll break the connection with this man when you understand that you gave away your heart to someone who was not capable of receiving it let alone valuing it.

  10. su

    Me and my husband is married for 10 years and was in relationship for last 14 years. from the last 3,4 years he has been saying i am not the kind of wife he seeks and al these years i have been trying to be what he wants.
    I cannot make an error and now i am really tired this relationhip..
    My birthday september 7th 1977
    his birthday november 19 1976

    Does we ever get along?

    Please advise!!

  11. virgo

    This is for Tony,
    Don’t be too discontented as you are a very extremely sensitive soul and as you would be fully aware that you are a water sign a fixed organiser of the water element and your partner or ex-partner Daniel is an Earth Sign like myself a Virgo of which is the mutable communicator of the Earth element as Virgos are well known for there super critical nature and of course our perfectionism on society as a whole and to me your partner Daniel is still finding his beneficial routes do not be to disappointed in this as he is still deciding on what that he wants to do with his life, but you know on what you want but at the same time if you love this man you must be extremely patient in other words have patience like iron and a heart like stone as he will be in touch with you but in due time and for you by being a very senitive soul by that of a Scorpio as you are an immaterial person upon where as that Daniel is a material person and this is what i had mean’t by that you have to be as solid as a rock and this is what i mean’t by having patience like iron and a heart of stone, because you must be that strong within your water sign nature to be ablle to put up with all of his short comings, like use are a very good match between the two of you but it also depends on what ascendants or other planetary aspects that use both share between the two of use, as do not worry yourself into the ground about him as i also have some scorpion friends and i do know on how emotionally that use can get, but if things do not work out between the two of you do not get to disgrunted as Daniel could be out thee looking for his more empathy and understanding Earth sign partner as well as do not forget that he is a perfectionist in his own way and don’t worry as he willl be thinking about you too and any Virgo male is very hard to get down any alter for marriage or commitment but if you love him just sit back in the waiting as emotions from yourself and him at the moment will be running extremely high at the moment but things will work out for both of you but in due time, but even if it doesn’t you will always remain friends as use will always be friends lovers and be very best buddies for no matter for may what happens between the two of you, but if use can cut through that red tape use would have a very and powerfully strong relationship that would last for ever bye for noow and the best of British. And god bless you both.

  12. tony

    hi! i have called your physic a couple of times here and been moderately pleased with the results. I am having difficulty getting over Daniel. This incredible person that i thought would be a lifeparter, well potential anyway. He doesnt text or call and has emphasied he doesnt want to commit. when i called and talked to someone on california pysics, they said he will not respond or reach out to me for 4 to 6 weeks, possibly longer. daniel is a virgo, i am a scorpio. i have researched the compatibility and says its a good match. i know its not going to happen but i just cannot stop forgetting our compassion and sensuality we shared, and we have not been fully intimate. This saturday will be a moment to decide if i really shold further pursue him cause its draining my energy. i was advised to meditate, exercise more and i have and i feel great. My heart is still broken about this. and i need help. i am a deeply spiritual person but i feel defeated whenever i think about him cause i cant cut our connection to each other. Please help! thank you in advance


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