Your Weekend Forecast for December 14 – 16, 2012

What’s New This Weekend?

Physicality turns to intellectualism—we start running, then later we have the time to think about how we felt about the run. Friday night is great for going out dancing, bowling, shooting a game of billiards or even a late-night workout at the gym. The Aquarius Moon makes us very mindful of our actions moving into Saturday and Sunday. “Humanitarianism” is the mantra for this weekend.


Your usual attitude about working out—“when I get the urge to exercise I lay down until it passes” is swept away by the vibrations of getting up and going. Much to your delight, you find that going out and socializing was the right decision to make for Friday. The rest of the weekend, you get to ponder life—one of your favorite things to do.


Amped up and ready to go, the plans you made are spot on and your friends and loved ones are just as excited as you are about the dinner, movie and late-night, after-hours club for drinks. Saturday you get to sleep in but hit the big time again with a holiday play you promised to go too.


Your magical side is showing as the big tree that needs to be trimmed, the gifts that need wrapping and the shopping list that needs to be completed looks like a big mess. It is only your ideas scattered about. With the wave of your wand you manage to hook-up the tree, wrap the gifts and complete the shopping list. “Next!” you say as your spouse just stares in amazement.


Emotions take a backseat as your thinking power highlights this weekend. Organized and ready, your humanitarian side shines, so you set out to do some goodwill before the Christmas holiday. You feel warm and fuzzy by the end of the weekend when you and your loved one cuddle up close and watch the fire glow.


Loving to give,  your ego feel very full and satisfied. There is much to do for the foundation/charity you are very involved in. People are counting on you and your creative flair gleams like gold. Do not forget to have some social fun Saturday night when you get to talk about the plans you made for the weeks ahead.


Adhering to the rules puts a strain on your intuitive side. Being of service is one of your favorite things to do and with the air full of giving you put any negative attitudes away and keep it moving forward with a smile on your face.


People seem to be very attracted to you no matter where you go. Your aura is glowing—must be the time of year. Friday night you are a magnet, so bring a friend along to keep the admires at bay. Having fun is the name of the game Saturday and Sunday, so you bring it home with lively conversations.


Assertiveness is your middle name but it sure takes center stage as you put all your energy into a project that is near and dear to your heart. Working hard this weekend shows your character, while admiration from others is the icing on the cake.


Many fast-paced activities keep you going on a high note. Helping those you love with shopping and getting organized brings you a sense of joy. Sunday is a day of rest and relaxation, giving you a chance to unwind before a very busy workweek begins.


If your intuition was any higher, your head would explode. As life becomes crystal clear, those who love you support your efforts. There is a new level of comprehension and you find yourself searching on the Internet for some books that will enhance your work.


Keeping a box of tissues close by will come in handy, as emotions run high for you this weekend. It is a sensitive time of year and although some of your tears are sweet, some of the memories are cause for concern. Immerse yourself in creative actives to keep your mind focused.


Using your imagination combined with your intellectual skills puts some new wheels in motion. Gathering at a local restaurant on Friday night gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to friends. Although it is late in the season to plan something new for the holiday week, you manage to pull it off without a hitch.

14 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for December 14 – 16, 2012

  1. barbie

    i am an aries i have been dating a virgo for almost 3 years now and i feel i love him but there is one problem i started to like a cancer how is this possibe who would i have a better relationship with??????????

  2. quinn ext. 5484

    hi renee,
    sparks will fly – he is fun and you are sweet. he has a kind heart so this could really work.
    happy weekend,
    -quinn 🙂

  3. quinn ext. 5484

    hi marie,
    i do not understand what you comment means. how can one person talk for all the signs?
    i hope you hold water better than me. have a great weekend.

  4. quinn ext. 5484

    manoj – hi
    you should have a job within the next few weeks.
    it will be a wonderful new year gift.
    many blessing.


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