Psychic Answers: How to Trust Your Gut

Is Your Gut Always Trustworthy?

We’ve all heard the term “gut instincts” before, but do we know what they really are or where they come from? Are we right to trust them all the time? Our psychics answer these questions and more in our latest roundup of quality psychic advice. If you like what you read, why not consider giving one of them a call for a personal reading?

So what are gut instincts, where do they come from and what do they feel like?

Beverly ext. 5747 says “They are our sixth sense. They are there to guide us and tell us that we should be paying attention to something. They are our inner stop and go lights. They are what connect us to the truth of the matter.” Could your sixth sense use a boost? Beverly ext. 5747 is here to help!

According to Tajah ext. 5732, “Gut instincts come from our intuitive sense which is aware of everything. They are part of our true self. We have this sense for the sake of self-protection and it serves as a type of knowledge.”

Rivers ext. 5273 shares that for her “gut instincts are a sense of knowing something without needed to question or explain it.”

Judianne ext. 5129 describes gut instincts as “a feeling where ‘you know what you know’ and need not ask anyone else’s opinion.”

Are our gut instincts always trustworthy?

Tajah ext. 5732 states that “gut instincts aren’t always right because we can be influenced by our past memories of unsavory experiences. A gut instinct can also be influenced by a past life memory, so it is very important that you listen to your feelings and review them with objectivity.”

Anya Dawn ext. 9179 believes that “the gut can never be corrupted. Our human side negatively detours us by responding with the normal human emotion of not wanting to hear.”

Beverly ext. 5747 relates that not only fear makes our gut instincts untrustworthy, but also “pride and ego. Sometimes you ‘know’ that something won’t work out, but our pride won’t let us accept that.”

Nevaeh ext. 5203 talks about outside influences on our gut instincts when she says “someone else’s gut feelings can counteract and control our own gut feelings.”

Judianne ext. 5129 agrees that our gut instincts can be corrupted, “but with practice we can tell the difference [between what is real and what isn’t] if we just get out of our own way.” Need help getting out of your own way? Call Judianne for some helpful tips today!

How can we train our guts to be more trustworthy and less corrupted by fear, pride or ego?

Rivers ext. 5273 shares this tip for learning how to trust your gut: “I suggest that any time you feel conflicted, don’t do anything. Give yourself time to mentally and physically get to a place of calmness and peace where you can tune into the quiet side of your spirit instead of the loud voice in your head.”

Judianne ext. 5129 suggests “writing your instincts down and later, seeing if you were correct. The more you do this, the more accurate you will become and your level of trusting your own inner guide will improve.”

Beverly ext. 5747 offers this advice: “You can build confidence in your gut instincts by taking smaller, more solid steps in the direction you need to. Sometimes our comfort zone isn’t the best place to be, though it is safe. We need to take those steps to fulfill our destiny and our gut feelings do help us there.” She adds, “The more open you are to your own intuition, the closer you will get to where you need to be. Life is a journey and our gut is our guide in so many ways!”

As a psychic, what can you offer to your clients who are interested in learning to trust their gut instincts more?

Beverly ext. 5757 reminds her callers that psychics are “here to listen and help develop that inner voice (the gut instinct, if you will) to ensure that you are correct in the paths you are choosing and the directions you take. We help give confidence and support which allow a truer inner voice to materialize and be clear for you!”

These psychics are just a sampling of the over 300 psychics who with one phone call, can help you learn to trust your gut instincts more. They can help you separate your thoughts from your feelings, and clear the pride, fear, or whatever other emotion clouds you instincts. Take the first step towards trusting yourself today!

7 thoughts on “Psychic Answers: How to Trust Your Gut

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  2. Tracy

    Sorry, the rest of this comment got posted before I was finished. I had a dream one day, while I was taking a nap on the couch and it seemed so real that it scared me. In my dream, I was lying on the couch napping, and a bright glowing light was coming through the door, my great grandmother , who passed away years ago, appeared through the light. She reached her hands out to me and said,”come with me child, come with me”. I woke up immediately, wondering what she meant. Can someone please tell me what she meant, or what the dream itself means. I would appreciate your input.

  3. Tracy

    Hi there, I really enjoy reading my horoscope and all the posts. They are very informative. I’ve always been interested in astrology and the paranormal. A few years ago, I called a psychic line and as soon as she heard my voice, she told me that I was a psychic too. She said that I was what they call a spiritual medium and that I have empathic abilities. I thought to myself,”that explains some of the things that have happened in the past”. I remember one day, I was sitting in my house with my boyfriend and some friends and one of their other friends stopped in. He bought a new car and wanted them to go for a ride. I got this bad gut feeling that something bad was going to happen, so I told them that they shouldn’t go, that I had a bad feeling about it. They didn’t listen to me, so I grabbed the phone and went to bed. I knew that I would be getting a call. An hour later the phone rang, they were in an accident. They all had minor injuries, so they were treated and released, thank God. It has made me and my friends trust my gut feelings. One thing that has happened though that has really puzzled me, is a dream that I had a few years ago. It seemed so re

  4. Khummo

    The inner voice does wonders at times but also if it involves other parties one needs to carefully consider trying to get that side of the other party becasue it almost had me killing myself without actually pointing a gun or knife at myself, i have learnt my lesson in both ways listen and give myself sometime to collect the truth and decide what to do after.

  5. Kimberly

    I have and do feel my “inner voice” quite often speak to me in my head and sometimes its super hard to decipher…but I learned my lesson the hard way by not heading the warning, however by even doing as it said (partially) I survived an almost certain death car accident without a scratch…so listen without questioning and you won’t be steered wrong.


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