Why Men Choose the Mate They Do

Understanding the Male Mind

While it is very easy to say that men choose women that are attractive, slender, fit and striking, this is purely not the case when it comes to choosing a partner for a long term relationship. When it comes to how to choose a mate, there are some specifics that come to mind when men seek a relationship. Of course, men are visual creatures and this comes down to the male gene. Relationships cannot solely be based on visual alone because in truth, looks do fade and if a person does not share the same values or is ugly on the inside, it purely won’t work for the long term.

If you are wondering why men choose the mate they do, it is a normal question many women ask themselves when in the dating scene. The first step for a man to notice a potential mate is attraction. Now this attraction does not always have to come via superficial means such as nice legs, pretty face, sexy body etc. Attraction can present itself in numerous ways and can even come after the initial meeting of two people. Looks are important, but they only take you so far when considering a long term relationship. Of course, most guys want to have a gorgeous woman on their arms; but a gorgeous woman who acts rude, disrespectful or mean doesn’t cut it for more than a few dates.

Men choose the mate they do for a number of reasons. If it is just for fun and to go on a few dates, a man may choose a mate that looks good, smells good and who is a party to be around. Marriage material on the other hand comes with a variety of traits. Men choose the mate they want for long term based on a compilation of factors; from attractiveness and health, to friendliness and kindness.

Women are not far off in their selection process when choosing a mate. Many women look for father material, someone who will protect their offspring down the road and who will present security and protection in all areas of life. They too want to feel attracted to their partner, but attraction may divulge from a strong personality, intellect, security and sometimes even wealth. Men choose their long term partner mostly on attraction and values. Many men respect a woman who portrays intelligence, but they also crave a nurturing soul; someone who will look up to them, be loyal to them and take care of them when they feel down and out.

Many men also fall in love with a woman who doesn’t try to change them or fix them. Men like to be accepted as they are, just as women do. Men also respect a woman who stands up for herself and who has values. Not to say attraction and looks don’t fit in here, because they definitely do. For all you questioning women out there, men are not always looking for a skinny minny. Many men prefer curves as it presents a healthy body that is able of giving them the offspring they so desire.

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There is a surplus of reasons why men choose the mate they do. But remember, every man is unique and has different likes and dislikes. Just be yourself and Mr. Right will find you like a needle in a haystack.

“Keep your partner happy by being happy yourself.” – Blythe ext. 5339

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