Your Numerology Forecast for November 2012

November Shakes Things Up

November will be one of the most dramatic months that we have experienced in some time, and it hasn’t exactly been dull lately! Action-oriented 1s, 5s, and 8s will have energy to spare during all the changes and confusion. Relationship-loving 2s and 6s will find partners more serious about both love and finances at month’s end. 3s, 7s and 9s will enjoy a month where harmony and magnificence live among the chaos. Finally, 4s and 8s will see the old cleared away, offering opportunities to develop, shape and construct new ideas.

Finding your birth number is simply taking all the numbers of the date of your birth and adding them together. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 2/14/1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. (Note: Continue to add the numbers until you get a single digit. For instance, if you get 11, add 1+1 and you get 2. That would be your number to use for this forecast.)

The days when your personal energy is most potent are:

For 1s Saturday, November 3 is one of your beloved high energy days. Just balance your drive with others’ needs as you charge ahead. Your vitality is still phenomenal on Monday, November 12. Be assured that your enthusiasm is creating something real, and you’ll be amazed at your accomplishments. Wednesday, November 21 and Friday, the 30th, you are still going strong. Just don’t let frustration with those going slower lead to anger.

For 2s Sunday, November 4 is a good time to relax at home and address your personal needs and desire for beauty as excitement swirls around you. Tuesday, November 13 is double the energy under the Solar Eclipse—perfect for you to really examine emotional wounds and release them. You’ll be in a romantic mood on Thursday, the 22nd. Use this loving context to deal with some of the “nuts and bolts” of your relationships to make it more workable.

3s power day of Friday, November 5 just keeps getting better as your communications become more dynamic. While people are quite fierce about what they want, your charm and balance will keep things calm. Marriage or other partnerships come into focus on the 14th. You’ll love the romance combined with the forward momentum. On Friday, November 23 use those enchanting words coming easily to speak your truth.

The 4/4 time of rock n’ roll is the rhythm of 4s, and it’s time to rock in November in that “flow of energy” you use to build. Tuesday, November 6 is the time to build your bank account through partnering. Thursday, the 15th gives you energy in the workplace, and Saturday, November 24 is the day to deal with volatile events around your career with your negotiation skills.

For 5s Wednesday, November 7 is a great day to “show your stuff” to a prospective client, boss or an intrigued lover. Nothing will be dull on Friday, November 16, and while you like drama, you’ll want to use your flair to lead others on a sensible path. Your creativity is vital and alive on Sunday, the 25th.

6s, balance and beauty is “your thing,” and you manage to make sense of intense situations and make them manageable for others on Thursday, November 8. Your work and communications are intense and inspired on Saturday, November 17. On Monday, November 26 you’ll find a calmer, more stable situation following a number of intense days.

7s, you’ll see your teaching efforts and your generosity of spirit with others being of great mutual benefit on Friday, November 9. Sunday, the 18th is a time to express the depths of your soul that you have been uncovering. On Tuesday, November 27 you will sense the Lunar Eclipse approaching where you will find doorways to new realms of being.

8, your usual strength and power is multiplied in November by the eclipses. Thursday, November 1 is a day when you communicate strongly from a leadership position. On Saturday, the 10th and Monday, November 19 you speak effectively with others leading them to self-examination. The lunar eclipse on Wednesday, the 28th offers you the opportunity to speak and encourage others to find responsible love and commitment.

Your 9 energy brings you special influence in November through your teaching, travel and spiritual efforts. On November 2 friends are of great importance to you and will join in your adventures. On Sunday, the 11th and Thursday, November 29 you’ll have a number of really brilliant ideas that others will feel and love. On Tuesday, November 20 your natural teaching ability will align perfectly with the energy of the day. Are you feeling out of alignment? Talk with numerologist Yasmina ext. 5358 to understand what’s going on.

3 thoughts on “Your Numerology Forecast for November 2012

  1. Curtis DeHaven

    I would like to learn how to figure out my lucky numbers, so I can win the lotto, there is a lot of people beside myself that will be very happy that the storm which has raged so mean in my life will be finally over and the sun is shining. I am a dreamer. Curtis

  2. hkraig

    Good point, bc! You could also use your name as well to find your number. However, we wanted to keep this forecast more straightforward and just use your birth date.

  3. bc

    If we are to use our birthdates for this forecast then why is the letter/# breakdown in this forecast?
    Make for a little confusion…..


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