The Top 18 Experiences Every Man Would Benefit From

What Every Man Should Experience in His Life

A man’s experiences are a very intimate set of events that ultimately shape who he is. While no two men will ever report the same, there are eighteen of these moments which seem to have certain growth potential for the men who experience them.

Demolish Something…

Any time you ask a guy to remember a pivotal moment of his life, he has at least one where he has either busted himself, or something else. There is just something memorable about the carnage a man has left in his past. It lets him remember where he’s been.

Fix Something

It’s a busy world, and studies suggest that the at-home handyman is a dying breed. However, there truly is no better feeling than having the ability to repair your own stuff.

Face Your Inner Demons… and Lose

There is a saying that a man who faces his fears may not always come out ahead. However, in the end, it is these failures that ultimately create strength and courage. If you are having a hard time controlling your fear, you should give Psychic Dawn ext. 9777 a call. She has the tools you need to conquer your fears. 

Buy Your Own Damn Underwear

I could hardly believe the studies that suggest most men do not buy their own underwear between the ages of when he starts diapers, and… well, when he is back in them again. Women like clean underwear, but there is a certain pride in taking care of this matter by yourself.

Tell Your Dad You Love Him

While your dad probably already knows it, you should tell him that you love him. However, there is nothing worse than waiting until the end, when it is too late.

Read 50 Shades of Grey

If you have ever wondered what seedy porn images lurk beneath the romance covers of your partner’s bedtime stories, read the book 50 Shades of Grey. It will explain how intimacy can be expanded in the bedroom by embracing vulnerability, respect, communication, value, and trust.

Take Dance Lessons

Dance lessons might seem feminine to many, but if you want to (re)connect with your partner in a way that no man ever has, dance has the same intimate qualities as sex, yet costs less than any sexual counseling session (legal or illegal) you will ever come across.

Go West Young (Old) Man

Whether it is west, east, south, or north makes no difference. The point is, the world seems like an awfully small place until you pick up your things, and travel cross-country to see what life has to offer. Scared about starting a new career or just finding a career that works for you? Talk with Psychic Braxton ext. 5699 who can look deeper into your numbers.

Spend an Evening in the Desert

There are few relatively untouched places in the world where a man can reconnect with nature and the desert is one of those places where an evening alone can change your world.

Lose Control in a Controlled Way (a.k.a. Party Naked at “Burning Man”)

Men who have experienced Burning Man in the Nevada desert learn to celebrate life and humanity in one of the most bizarre ways imaginable.

Learn How to Kill Someone 45 Different Ways…

When you learn how to kill someone in 45 different ways you will also understand the frailty and beauty of life. Some of the most pleasant, respecting, and humble men are also the deadliest.

Give Up Your Seat (Place in Line)

Chivalry is dead only because some men have forgotten how good it feels to put someone else before themselves. Try giving up your seat or surrendering your place in line.

Watch a Baby Being Born (Make Sure it’s Yours, and You’re Invited)

It may not be a picnic, and you may not survive the ordeal on your two feet. However, men who participate in and “experience” the birth of their child report developing an early bond with their children that other men miss out on.

Sweep Your Partner Off Their Feet (Literally)

…and carry her to bed. (Don’t wait too long, as your back may heartily disagree with this statement one day.)

Dig Something Out of the Trash… and Turn it Into Something of Beauty

Men used to build things with their hands. Today, we mostly just buy them. However, each hand-made article of beauty that you leave behind is one more legacy that could one day be smiled upon by your future ancestors.

Come to Somebody’s Rescue

Studies suggest that men are biologically driven to help others. There is no greater reward in a man’s lifetime than looking back over the moments that you have triumphed as a hero!

Serenade Your Partner

When a man looks back over his life, some of his fondest memories are making a fool of himself in a way that nobody else will ever know. Okay, so maybe a few people will know, but most will look at it with admiration.

Kiss Someone’s Dirty Toe

In Dawson City, Yukon, a man can claim he’s a “bad ass” by sucking down a glass of hard liquor, and allowing some poor schlepps pickled, severed toe to touch his lips. You may or may not learn anything from this, but for the sake of curiosity, please let me know how it goes!

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  1. Cheryl


    I really do enjoy reading your articles..they also make a lot of sense. One thing you forgot that is very important to women is (unless you have a death wish) dont forget her birthday,Valentines day and Christmas. Anniversary if married. these are truly important dates for women, and if her partner forgets…woe be unto him.!!!!!


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