Your Numerology Forecast: Let Your Guard Down

May 16 to 22, 2011

With the continuing influence of this 9 Universal Month and the added stability of having the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars all in Taurus, you can probably relax your guard a bit this week and concentrate on inner growth.

Mercury (mind, communication) is very influential, but rather than the trickster energy prevalent during a retrograde, you can use some of Mercury’s unique attributes to achieve creative, spiritual and psychological breakthroughs.

According to Greek mythology, Mercury was the only god who could come and go freely from the Underworld, Pluto’s domain. One might suppose, then, that he had an easier time navigating Neptune’s murky worlds as well.
What it means astrologically is that Mercury, in the right circumstances, is surprisingly successful and effective when it encounters astrological Zen masters Pluto and Neptune, which it does later this week. Venus (love, values) and Mars (action, will) also favorably interact with Pluto (transformation, polarization), intensifying opportunities to deepen relationships of all kinds, while Mercury’s friendly connection with Neptune enhances spiritual vibes.

A very important spiritual celebration also falls this week—that of the Wesak Moon, which is also the Full Moon in Scorpio. While some New Age groups have moved celebrations to the weekend of the thirteenth to the fifteenth, Theosophical and traditional Buddhist calendars place Wesak, the day Buddha and other Ascended Masters pay an annual visit to Earth, at 4:09 am PDT on the seventeenth, with its influence extending two days afterward. Whenever and however you choose to connect to these energies, the Wesak Festival is renowned among spiritual seekers of many faiths for its ability to open, deepen and expand spiritual gifts, as well as individual commitment to personal and global spiritual evolution.

Monday – Mental 7 rules the day, but with less irritability since so many planets are now in Taurus. Imagination and spirituality are amped up, and Wesak meditations (intro) tonight or tomorrow night could transform you and your world.

Tuesday – This high energy day is directed by eight’s executive powers and the intense focus and depth of a Full Moon in Scorpio.

Wednesday – A Universal 9 Day in a 9 Month means you’re able to risk with wisdom, to act for the common good from a grounded and wise place.

Thursday – Step a bit cautiously, even though this impatient Universal 1 Day has you champing at the bit, because there’s a Void of Course Moon from 7:17 am to 1:16 pm PDT. After that, you can hit the gas.

Friday – This is a powerful day, but you’ll want to watch your words. The good news is that sensitive, diplomatic and spiritual 11/2 (1+1=2) rules the day, and there are harmonious connections between Mercury (mind) and Mars (ego, will) and transformational Pluto.

Saturday & Sunday – Charming, fun-loving 3 adds sparkle to Saturday, while Venus and Pluto invite you to intensify bonds. The Sun in Gemini means lots of conversation, but Neptune’s influence can mislead and confuse.

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