How Planets Influence Your Job

What is Your Role in the Workplace?

The movers and shakers in your chart are the planets (and sun and moon). They are the “wanderers” viewed by the ancient Greeks to travel through the constellations and trigger activities. The ancient Mesopotamian astrologers/astronomers/priests read the planets’ situations as those of the people and were amazingly accurate in predicting the future for their king and nation.

Nothing has changed since ancient times as far as our interactive roles in the business of our lives. Your work environment is remarkably identical to those royal courts of days of long ago. Just recognize your role amongst the King, Crown Prince, the Messenger, the Warrior, and the All-Powerful Game-Changer and the Great Goddess of Attraction (gender doesn’t matter). Have fun thinking of yourself and your professional associates as the mythic characters in any of your favorite movies or TV dramas, and you can surely locate each person’s niche in this cast of characters, including your own.

To give some perspective, these players, on a global scale, show the Saturn-Jupiter opposition that has dominated the world. We keep seeing the Crown Prince (Jupiter) either overthrowing the Older King (Saturn), or setting the stage to do so. Think: Obama’s election, then Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc. Astrologers have seen this era coming for years and knew it would take on global proportions. The same astrologers also knew that this would be happening in your personal life, your workplace. Once you see everyone’s planet/role, you will know where you stand and what action to take. If you don’t recognize your role, call one of our psychics for an assist.

Here is your list of choices:

1. If you are a strong Saturn person and you have not yet acquired the position as “King,” be patient, and you will get there. You will climb the mountain to the top. There is probably a “Crown Prince” – an heir apparent/favorite to the current boss – who looks strong these days while you do all the hard work. You will be recognized and will prevail when the time is right… possibly even now, as Pluto the great transformer can change the playing field in an instant, allowing your recognition.

2. If you are a strong Jupiter person, you are the Crown Prince and your buddy Uranus is with you shaking up the old proceedings with high technology and other surprising developments. If you stay true to Jupiter and always serve the people in a kind a benevolent way, brother Pluto from the Underworld will be kind and you will succeed in taking the throne from the old guard.

3. If you are a strong Mars person, you will be sent out to make certain that what needs to happen in the world, and in your career situation, takes place. Your fearlessness is just what’s needed to make important dreams come true, and to protect those you love and your business. Your rewards come from courage and service.

4. If you are a Venus person, you are the element of attraction. Venus shines upon those whom she favors, and your blessings are needed for anyone in power to succeed. Your ability to bring harmony and interact with others is essential to the process of business. You may likely be the “assistant” or the partner who supports the visible leader. Never forget that they get nowhere without you.

5. If you are a Mercury person, you command all communications – the links between all the players. You can be the great messenger to the King, or you can support the necessary intrigue in the office situation that allows the overthrow of a regime that has grown old and poorly connected to the people. In your own way, you are the subtle but essential influence that aligns with Venus, and nothing happens without the two of you.

6. If you are a Moon person, you know the emotions and needs of the people in your office, home or nation. The Moon God Sin is the greatest game-changer of all when he commands the chart. The heart and soul of the people – fellow employees and customers – are essential to the business, and you are the person in touch with these people.

7. If you are a Sun person, you are the natural leader and all of these players are interacting with you and essential to you. You naturally have the power, but if your people do not “feel the love” you have BIG problems, like they might not view you as the vital life-force that you are. Be certain to connect with all of your co-workers and subordinates – never forget that without them, there is no one to bask in your warmth and your realm/business disappears.

This eternal cast of characters – the planets, sun and moon are at play in any situation. Today’s world is still one of relationships, ultimately based on genuine love for each other. Whatever player you are, if you are in tune with this deep energy of attraction/connection – you will always succeed!

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