Your Numerology Forecast: Astrological Shock Waves

Once the astrological shock waves died down on the 15th, people could enjoy this month for the fun and creativity that are the hallmark of the Number 3 – October’s numerology this year.

Octoberfests and Halloween will bring this expansive, lighthearted month to a close, and welcome in serious, organized November, a “4 month.”

Monday: Today vibrates to the master number 11/2, which is especially powerful, since we’re in a 11/2 year. This is about big ideas born of high ideals – but it can be very impractical. So do your dreaming today, and take action later on in the week.

Tuesday: A 3 Day, to add sparkle and verve to the 3 Month! Stocks may rise, and get-togethers after work should be livelier and more amusing than usual. Take those great ideas and market them today.

Wednesday: Karmic number 13/4 turns on this week’s afterburners! It’s about getting down to the bones of what you value, and using that to give form to your unique perspective and individual life path.

Thursday: A second karmic number, 14/5 amps up the week’s energy, and promises great challenge and possibility – so sharpen your wits, let go as easily as you can, and remember that change equals opportunity.

Friday: That caring homebody 6 rules the day! Sharing, giving and problem-solving among friends and family – and within the community – are highlighted. Local gatherings and concerts are where you’re likely to find your groove.

Saturday: You may feel crowded – and possibly tense – today, so take a walk or take time to meditate. Let your mind ponder the issues – personal, professional, and global. If 7’s desired perfection is possible, you’ll figure out how to make it so.

Sunday: Serious, sober 4 November might put a bit of a damper on this 5 Day. It’s usually your time to be wild and crazy, but today it might be better to think outrageous thoughts… but keep ’em to yourself.

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