Year of 4 Numerology: A Foundation Year

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The Foundation Number of Numerology

Picture a strong, solid square with its four points, like the kind of bedrock placed under a home or a tall office building. Think about how steadfast and dependable a foundation is designed to be, and how it holds up everything you place on it with strength and ease. You’ve just envisioned the energy of the Universal year of 4, which is what 2020 is. (If you are new to numerology, in this case you simply add up the numbers: 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4.)

The Universal Year of 4

The year of 4 in numerology is the time of building foundations in every area of your life. It is called “Universal” because everyone feels this energy. 2020 is a double 20, which as we’ve seen adds up to 4, meaning this is when you rise up, renew your spirit, and make your dreams real. Anytime a zero is in a number, it amplifies that number’s qualities. 2 is all about partnership, teamwork, and healing energies. The 4 doubly encompasses that energy as well as its own. You will have the 20/20 vision you need to see all you need to do, and you’ll have the energy, ability, and wherewithal to do it.

Building on Your Foundation

The year of 4 is the time you will get things done. It gives you the fortitude, discipline, and strength to create amazing things. It can also help you have a greater flow of finances. If you do make more money, think about setting some aside in savings. You may even finally accomplish something you started in the Universal year of 1, or 2017, which was a year of new beginnings. (2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 = 1. It will take work to achieve your goals, but it’s work you won’t mind doing, because you will obtain rewarding results. This is the span of time where you will have lots of grounded energy, and with careful planning and elbow grease, you will realize your dreams in a most practical way.

Whatever you choose to build during this time will have real value to you, be it a physique, a job or career, or even relationships. Friends you make this year could remain with you all your life.

What does stability look like for you? This is a great period in which to build it. The discipline and perseverance you show now could go a long way toward creating the success you’ve wanted, even if it feels like you’ve waited ages for it. You will become even more grounded in material things, especially in money related matters. This is the period in which you may have a good deal of work-related travel. You may be called upon to wear many hats, but you will have the versatility and the flexibility to do so successfully.

Born Under 4

If you have 4 in your birthday or life path, this year will be exceptionally energizing for you. You may feel things begin to go your way. 4 people tend to be steady, strong, loyal, trustworthy, and hard-working souls. They love to work! It makes them feel good to get out there and produce tangible results from their labor. Even if they retire, they’ll still find something of value to do. It’s just in their worker bee nature to stay busy. Hans Decoz, a well-known and respected numerologist, calls 4 energy “The salt of the earth.”

Tarot Associations

In Tarot, the Major Arcana cards are numbered, and the two cards in the Tarot deck that match up with the year of 4 numerology are excellent matches for this year, indeed. 4 is the number of The Emperor. He’s the ruler, the boss man, the authority figure, and the director, for he’s the one who makes order out of chaos. He’s reliable, dependable, and works hard. He is the master builder of the material world. This card is masculine, but it applies to the masculine energies of both men and women. 20 is the number of the Judgement card in Tarot. When you get this card in a reading, it means you’ll have a major life wish granted.

Responsibility and Opportunity Abound

In the Universal 4 year, you will be even more realistic, determined, and focused in creating security for yourself and your loved ones. Your sense of responsibility will increase. You will bring more organization into your life, for you will be able to sort through chaos and bring order to confusion. You will also have the endurance to maintain steady concentrated efforts.

Opportunities will present themselves now, and it is important that you seize and make the most of them, for they will be the supportive structure you set at this time to help you attain even more of what you desire in the future. The firm foundation you construct will help you prepare for changes that may come in next year.

As a result of your patient application of work, you will see breakthroughs wherever you are directing your endeavors. You will experience a great feeling of satisfaction, along with a powerful feeling of accomplishment. Recognition and support come to you now for your considerable achievements, especially from family, friends, and co-workers.

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