Leap Day: A Numerology Powerhouse

Leap Day: A Numerology Powerhouse | California Psychics

Leap Day Numerology

Leap Day occurs on February 29. In terms of numerology, 29 is broken down into 2 + 9 = 11, a number of powerful spiritual awakening. Coming around once every four years, Leap Year was begun by Julius Caesar long, long ago to bring balance to the calendar. The rarity of its occurrence is auspicious and is thought to help us make a giant leap forward toward our soul’s mission and purpose and our life goals and dreams. Many cultures consider Leap Year one of great good luck. 11 is a Master Number giving even greater positive force to the spiritual significance of Leap Day.

Numerology tells us that 2 is the number signifying unity, teamwork, and togetherness. It carries a healing, calming energy of loving balance. 9 is known for its humanitarian energy, as well as its ability to teach and give wise counsel. As a Master Number, 11 is not meant to be broken down into 1 + 1 = 2. 11 is the number of the creative psychic intuitive. It is filled with enthusiasm and optimism. It helps create spiritual awakening and enlightenment. February 29 falls under the deeply sensitive and spiritually perceptive sign of Pisces. This is a blessing, for Pisces carries highly intuitive energies and an abundance of psychic gifts.

Spiritual Coincidences

Leap Day can be a time of magical synchronicity, or when events that occur without apparent cause are actually meaningful coincidences. On this day, pay special attention to meaningful coincidences that happen to you. This is the Universe speaking to you, wanting you to pay attention as it guides you into something for your highest good. For example, some people will see 11:11 everywhere they go, and know it means something wonderful is about to come to pass in their lives.

If something happens like the example of consistent 11:11 sightings given above, try to avoid explaining it away and just go with it. Let yourself trust where you are being led. Synchronicity is one significant way for you to receive Divine guidance directly from the Source.

A Leap Day Legend

To further illustrate the qualities of spiritual balance this day brings, according to Vigdis Hocken on timeanddate.com, there’s an old Irish legend that Saint Brigid struck a deal with Saint Patrick to allow women to propose to men–and not just the other way around—every four years on Leap Day. Hocken says this is believed to have been introduced to balance the traditional roles of men and women in a similar way to how Leap Day balances the calendar.

Leap Day Birthday Traits

If you were born on this day, you are certainly highly intuitive and music flows through your veins, whether you joyfully create it or just passionately enjoy it. You are probably very creative and even possess some acting ability. You carry healing energy within you along with the ability to give inspiration to all who connect with you.

You tend to be sensitive and empathy comes naturally to you. You may sometimes feel you have more than your share of life challenges, but trust that angels attend you, help to buoy you up, and give you all the strength you need to overcome whatever you encounter. Being sensitive is a sign of being psychically gifted, and meditation can be a great boon to you.

For those who are concerned that any showing of sensitivity might be a sign of possible weakness, know that it’s far better to be sensitive than to be like a hardened clod of dirt. We’ve all encountered insensitive people. It’s highly beneficial to consider sensitivity as the divine blessing it is.

The Energy of Leap Day

The energy of Leap Day applies to all whether or not it is part of your numerological day of birth or life path. Think of this day as an especially potent vibrational energy gateway that you can leap through to move forward in your life. On foreverconscious.com, Tanaaz says, “Walking through February 29 is almost like walking through a rare portal that is only accessible to us every four years.”

Try concentrating on making the best use of this energy by setting your intention to grow from it. It’s been said that we can transform our minds, hearts, and lives in a twinkling simply by choosing to do so. You can spark light-years of growth in your life this way. Perhaps start by writing down what you want to see come into being and meditate on it, giving your list special attention on Leap Day. The Universe will instantly pick up your desires and begin working on manifesting them for you.

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