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Party Themes by Zodiac Sign

Party Themes by Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

It’s Time to Party!

Do you love a fun party? Then you’re in good company. Every zodiac sign has a favorite way they love to celebrate, whether it’s an action-packed get-together, a surprise fete, or a cuddly, snuggly soiree. Read this handy guide to see which kind of blowout bash each sign on the astrology wheel would love to throw or attend. Be sure to read both the Sun and Rising signs to get a fuller picture of the most fittingly festive party themes by zodiac sign.


An “Escape Room Adventure” party theme would light up the eyes of a Ram, for they love a challenge. And if they have to move fast to solve the mystery while outwitting all the other would-be escapees to win an awesome prize, they will squee with glee!


It might have been a Taurus who coined the phrase, “wine and dine.” If you want your Bull to feel happily feted, a delicious dinner followed by a scrumptious dessert will hit the spot, and so will your “Flower Garden Party” theme, because they adore beautiful blossoms!


The Twins were born to party. They love flitting amongst the guests like a bee in fields of lilac and lavender, sipping honeyed nectar, chatting, laughing, dancing, and overall having a blast. They would delight in a “Dance the Night Away” party theme.


The Crab loves intimate little get-togethers with friends and family, and a “Movie Night” theme would supply them with comfort and joy. A stack of their favorite films, with lots of yummy food and snacks, and everyone snuggled up enjoying one another would make them euphoric.


One could be excused for wondering if a Lion invented parties, because partying comes second nature to the Big Cats. Deep down, every Leo believes that they are a star, and a “Night of Glamour” theme with everyone dressing like their favorite movie star would thrill them right down to their well-manicured paws.


A “Pamper Yourself Party” would let the Virgin, who can be a wonderful caregiver to others, have a chance to be cared for themselves. A small crowd of friends gathered for a day of pampering at a spa that includes a luxurious massage followed by a great, carefully prepared meal would gratify them tremendously.


Dear friends, good food, sweet liquid refreshments, and it is on! Venusians would take lots of pleasure in a “Painting Party” where everyone gets to show off their Inner Artist while splashing fun colors on their canvasses and creating masterpieces of joy.


Solving a mystery of the good old murdery kind of party would delightfully intrigue your Scorpion, and a “Who Done It?!” theme would get their juices flowing. Once the culprit of the game is caught, and everyone joins in having a delectable meal, rich dessert, and great conversation, your deeply thoughtful and very romantic Scorpion will feel enchanted.


A “Get Wild!” theme would thrill your Archer. Centaurs can be party animals. They’re also excited to travel to just about anywhere. Would they start the festivities in say, California, and end up flying everyone to some gorgeous place such as Hawaii to continue their mad partying on a beautiful beach until everyone passes out? Oh, yeah!


The Goat loves a well-planned celebration, and “A Masquerade of Elegance” party, with everyone wearing lovely masks and dressed to the nines, would play all the right chords with them. A happy affair filled with beauty, good taste, and the best of everything suits them well.


Water-Bearers love gathering together with lots of friends and getting to know new ones, both two and four legged. Surprise them with a “Kitten & Puppy Cuddle Party” and watch their eyes glitter with ecstasy. They’ll be especially pleased if it’s given by their local Humane Society Animal Shelter, where everyone can experience pure fur baby bliss, and maybe give some lucky kittens and puppies a forever home.


A “Magical Enchantment” theme will fill The Fish with bubbly excitement. They love everything mystical, and a party with psychic tarot readers, lots of candles, and beautiful music would make them flap their fins. Including a photobooth would be icing on their tasty cake.

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