Your Weekend Horoscope: Greater Wisdom and Experience

Wisdom and Experience

Your Weekend Horoscope

With both the Sun and Mercury moving into Sagittarius, everyone will be plotting ways to expand their horizons. Travel, education, and spiritual pursuits will play a role in the quest to attain greater wisdom and a wider variety of experiences. This energy inspires you to contemplate the bigger picture and how you want to grow. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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There is no doubt that you are ready for adventure and the pursuit of something bold and new. Not everyone is so eager for change, so be mindful not to force your agenda on others. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that your vibe is pretty bossy, so you might want to do your own thing.


You wouldn’t mind expanding your sexual horizons by connecting with a lover who can show you something new. Be on the lookout for someone who is completely different from your usual type. Your current lover might also be receptive to change. Practice being a little less uptight and little more free-thinking.


You grow through making one-on-one connections with people who are more philosophical and open-minded than you. Just because you have numerous interests, it doesn’t necessarily make you an intellectual. A deep thinker will turn you on in ways you never imagined. Get set to have your mind blown!


You are pretty serious about work these days, so it is exciting when you come across ideas and techniques that can take what you are doing to the next level. It’s not easy to alter the way that you are accustomed to doing things, so kudos to you for embracing change.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you will have numerous opportunities to express yourself and to show off your unique gifts. Romance, artistic pursuits, and athletics are a few of the areas where you are at ease and can naturally shine. Your upbeat vibe also makes you a hit with the younger set.


Your energy and thoughts are focused on home and family matters. You feel comfortable relying upon your loved ones for support and comfort. It is great that you have this safety net, but it wouldn’t hurt to exercise your independence. Close relations benefit from you standing on your own two feet.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals the importance of openly sharing your thoughts and ideas with others and with the world at large. This is a good time to stretch your communication muscles and to learn how to express yourself in a new way. Projects involving writing, teaching, or public speaking are favored.


You are keen to increase your income and there are certain risks you feel prepared to take. What was once a sure thing might be shaky now. Look to friends to provide tips and information that can pave a new path to prosperity. It pays to collaborate.


The Sun entering your sign heralds the start of your birthday season. It is time to emerge from your cocoon and reenter life with a fresh attitude. Set new personal goals and decide where you want to share your unique gifts in the year ahead. It is your time to shine!


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are entering a phase of deep introspection. Over the next four weeks you may decide to take a backseat in certain affairs, as you carve out more time for rest and reflection. You will emerge from this period recharged and ready to make a fresh start.


Your social circle will be enlivened by interesting, new people. Be on the lookout for opportunities to meet folks who come from backgrounds that are very different from your own. Instead of taking the lead, allow your new acquaintances to introduce you to fun activities and events.


You are entering a new phase in your professional life and you need to be prepared to do things in a new way. Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Allow more experienced colleagues and friends to assist you in making changes that will take your career to the next level.

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