Be Grateful for You This Holiday Season

Be Grateful for You

Grateful to the Core of Your Being

The stresses of Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are inevitable. There will be family drama, long hours at work, kids’ costumes to make for school plays, dinners to plan, and much, much more. Some of it is definitely fun, but some of it is also stressful and emotional. Why not take celebrating the holidays in a new direction this year? It’s all about being grateful.

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I bet you do the best you can during the holiday season and the rest of the year, but you’re wondering if anyone noticed. I bet you’ve been overwhelmed more than a few times, as you gave a lot, but did anyone else give back to you? My guides called this, “depletion of the self and soul.” For now, let’s let it go. Just smile and look around you. It’s a perfect moment in time, so soak it up, feel its quietness—just you, your guides and your angels. You are being loved at this exact moment. Can you go back in time and think of a moment when you were grateful for you?

I asked my guides for a message, and here is what they want to share with you:

See Your Life as Perfect

“All I ask dear ones is that you see your life as a perfect one no matter your station. It’s time to stop and look in the mirror and say ‘Thank you.’ Smile at your reflection and say, ‘I love being with you every minute of my day.’ Fill your heart with such gratitude for self and for being courageous this holiday season.

Depletion of the Soul

“Choosing human life and its experiences is a course of true mastery. Without courage, dear ones, you will never be able to make it through this journey and expand your souls to a higher evolution of complete oneness with your creator and all that is. So give thanks to being you before you give thanks to another. We empty ourselves when we give ourselves to everyone, creating ‘depletion of soul.’ Your words are soundless if you are empty inside. Why be out of alignment and be of false identity? Your words, my dear, are frequency and that projects onto others.”

Your Soul Loves You

I think each and every one of you is amazing. I ask you to close your eyes and love you—feel your breath, wiggle you toes, look at your hands, and feel how much your soul loves you. No one in this entire world can love you more than you can, so why seek love elsewhere? You’ll only be let down. You will only attract emptiness in others because you are empty. You can’t be grateful for this kind of emptiness.

Create a High Frequency

What you actually seek is love from your creator. It’s the love you know and remember. It’s who you are and where you are from—you are spirit, after all. This true love can only be felt through you and your soul’s connection. Once you hold such love within your being, you create a high frequency to be loved by others as a mirror reflection. Like attracts like, therefore love attracts love. Think about that this holiday season.

To the Core of Your Being

For the rest of the year, focus on loving you to the core of your being. Show thanks and be grateful for who you are and who you have become. Fill yourself with love, joy and happiness—fill it to the rim.

May you all be blessed with a perfect holiday season. May your food be cooked to perfection and may everything work out in the best and highest good for all involved. Most of all, may you be blessed with love for self, truth in words and comfort in who you are and how far you’ve come.

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  1. Quinn ext.5484-Quinn Psychic ext 5484

    Dear Jessamine,
    Thank you for this wonderful article.
    Have a very inspirational and fun filled holiday season.

    Buddha Bless,


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