First Date Ideas During the Holidays

A Fun Date for a Cold Night

Some people think that what you say on a first date is really important, but one could argue that your first date ideas are just as important. Certain first date activities will allow you to shine a little more than others. And when the temperature drops and it gets dark a lot earlier, people tend to feel romantic. With that in mind, here are a few first date ideas to help get you through the holidays and the cold weather.

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Christmas Market

Dinner and a movie work, but one of the great first date ideas is to visit your local Christmas market. They are fairly standard in most towns and they offer the opportunity to chat. Start a conversation with your date about your likes, dislikes, and family holiday memories. A Christmas market is filled with all kinds of stimuli that should keep your conversation flowing naturally.

Holiday Cooking Class

A cooking class is another one of those great first date ideas (if the interest is there) any time of the year, but there are some particularly fun classes during the holidays. This is a great way to develop a bond with someone by sharing a unique learning experience. And research suggests that most people have an easier time discussing their personal lives when they are actively engaging in some sort of project.

Botanical Gardens

A summer garden is beautiful and full of natural color, but there is something about a winter garden filled with a ton of LED lights that also makes the natural world colorful. Anytime you can add a little breathtaking beauty to a first date, that is always a good thing.

Holiday Shopping

Unless you work in retail, holiday shopping can be one of those fun first date ideas.The malls are decorated for the holidays and you can get your holiday shopping done. This is also a great opportunity to learn about the important people in your date’s life and see how they spend their money. Are they frugal? Do they splurge on special people? It’s the simple things that build a good long-term relationship, so sometimes a simple first date is just the right start.

Holiday Festival

It’s all about the lights, crisp air, and hot drinks. When you and your date are surrounded by happy people and warm feelings, you can’t help but feel happy and warm too. Hey, sometimes love needs a boost to give it a chance to flourish.

Toy Store

If your date is just a big kid at heart, taking them to a toy store would be one of those awesome first date ideas. Talk about your favorite childhood toys and play with some new ones. It’s also a chance to bring out your silly side, so have fun with it. You can learn a lot about your date’s childhood and family in a toy store during the holidays.

Holiday Crafting

Just like a holiday cooking class, a date doing some holiday crafting takes some of the stress out of a face-to-face date. You’re both focused on a project and conversation will flow better when you’re a bit distracted. If you craft with a date, you get to see if they are good with their hands, if they are patient when trying something new, and if they get competitive in a bad way.

Holiday Picnic

Have a winter picnic. All you need is a wool blanket, tissues for runny noses, and a hot drink. It’s a good opportunity to get cozy in the snow if you are feeling each other’s vibrations.

Carriage/Sleigh Ride

Who wouldn’t love a romantic carriage or sleigh ride through the snow? Just dress warm and enjoy the scenery. It may seem a little old-fashioned, but it’s also a romantic gesture that most people would appreciate.


The winter sky is one of the best times of the year to see the stars at night. This is due to there being less moisture in the air, which results in clearer access to the night sky. Just pick a remote place away from city lights and take in the beauty and majesty of the cosmos.

Private Ski Lessons

Cooking and crafts are fun for some people, but others like to get active on a first date. A private ski lesson is just the thing for two adrenaline junkies or for people looking to try something new. If your date is the expert skier, let them teach you. And if you’re the expert, teach them.

Confidence and the Right Attitude

We are drawn to people and positive experiences that teach us new things. No matter what you decide to do this holiday season, remember to do it with confidence and a smile. Anything can be fun if you go into it believing it will be.

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    What a wonderful bunch of fun ideas!! I would be more than happy to do any of these things on a first date, though I might put the stargazing in a remote place on hold until such time as I actually knew the person a bit.

    Thanks for the great suggestions!!

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