Make Fall Your Season of Change

Make Fall Your Season of Change

 Are You Willing to Make Positive Changes This Fall?

Fall is the time we start to settle down and make room for winter to come. For generations, many cultures have seized both spring and fall seasons to make changes in their lives. Are you trying to make a change? Let me show you how!

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Making Room for the New

You may want a new job, love, hobbies or to develop yourself, but do you currently have the space, energy and time? I often say that you cannot pour more water into a full cup without making a mess. First you need to make space. Let’s start at home.

Getting Your House in Order

Thoroughly clearing out your home is a powerful way to let go of physical and emotional baggage that is holding you back. This stuff (which may be invisible to your eyes) not only clutters your home but also your mind. Go through every room in the house and get rid of or give away anything that you do not use or that has served its purpose. Be environmentally kind! Recycle or give a home to whatever you can. You will feel lighter and this will make your life more clear and comfortable overnight.

A Clear Desk Policy

The same applies to your work. Make sure your office or work space is clear and tidy. Ensure everything is neatly filed. Create simple systems and systematize regular tasks. Once you get into the habit of organizing, your things will stay organized.

The Company You Keep

They say you can judge someone by the company they keep. Your friends, family and associates may be supporting, stagnating, uplifting or holding you back. But don’t blame anybody. You’re responsible for your life. Sit down and identify who is right for your life, who you wish to and need to spend more or less time with, and which relationships need to be re-prioritized or let go of. Do this with love. We’re all on our own journey. Sometimes we’re together for a lifetime; sometimes for a season. Ironically, if some relationships need to go, it may be healthy and progressive for all concerned.

Time and Energy

Keep your conversations clear, crisp, kind and concise. Don’t get engaged in gossip and negativity. If someone wants an argument, let them have it by themselves. You’ll be amazed how much time is lost and energy drained in these ways. Instead, pour all of this time and energy into your priorities. Take paper and pen and list what tasks and pastimes you spend your time and energy on at home and at work. Now rewrite that list based on what would be the best use of your time and energy. Act on this and your life will become richer and fuller.

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