10 Steps to Relieve Everyday Stress

10 Steps to Relieve Everyday Stress

Everyday Life is Stressful!

Everyone feels stressed at one time or another. This is a normal part of life. But when stress becomes overwhelming, it can cause disease, according to The American Medical Association. As a psychic, I believe disease is the manifestation of being at dis-ease about something. The causes of stress can vary from one person to another. Anything from finances, marriages, children, death or challenges at the workplace can all cause us to feel stress. When under stress for any length of time, the most important thing to remember is to take care of yourself first. You cannot possibly take care of others if you are not feeling cared for yourself.

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Don’t Avoid the Feeling

When you are in the moment of feeling extreme stress, stop and breathe and just feel the stress in your body. Most of us want to run from any kind of emotional pain or stress, but the more you avoid the feeling, the longer the feeling remains. The trick is to just sit with the feeling for a moment and allow it to pass through you while remaining nonjudgmental about the feeling you’re experiencing.

A Quick Activity

When I am feeling overwhelmed with stress, I sit quietly and say to myself, “I am feeling stressed. I feel it in my neck, my shoulders and my jaw. I accept this feeling and I allow it to move through me and then away from me.” I have had great success with this little exercise that takes about two or three minutes. There is an old saying, “What you resist will persist.” How true this is. Look back at the times you felt stressed out and tried to avoid the feeling. Remember how it escalated? This is why it is so important to acknowledge the emotion of stress you’re having and simply allow it to be. Then watch how quickly it passes.

10 Tips for Everyday Stress

1. Stop and count your blessings. It’s human nature to notice all the things wrong in our lives, but rarely do we take notice of all the good we have in our lives. Make it a habit to write down five things each day that you appreciate. What you appreciate, you get more of.

2. Do something every day that brings you joy, even if you can only do it 10 minutes a day. Life is to be enjoyed!

3. Listen to music. Research points to multiple ways in which music can help relieve stress.

4. Write it out. Sit down with a pen and paper and let it out. Then safely burn the paper to release it.

5. Get out into nature. Take a walk in the park or in the forest or along a sandy beach. Nature is a natural healer of the body, mind and spirit.

6. Laugh it off. Call a special friend and get the laughter going. Laughter really is the best medicine.

7. Get some loving! Research shows sex actually decreases physical symptoms of stress.

8. Learn to say NO. Know your limits, whether in your personal or professional life. Taking on more than you can handle is a surefire recipe for stress. If you have a hard time saying it, begin to practice saying the word when alone in the car, at home or in the shower. Just saying the word out loud will help you become much more comfortable and confident in saying it to those who would overload you.

9. Watch what you expose yourself to. Believe it or not, we subject ourselves to negativity all the time without even knowing we’re doing it. Take the nightly news on the television. It’s nothing but one negative story after the other. Give yourself one full week without watching the nightly news and you will feel the difference in your stress level.

10. Watch your diet! When feeling stressed, we tend to overeat and choose the wrong types of food. Emotional eating only adds to the stress. Next time, reach for some fruit or chew a piece of gum. Gum helps relax that tightened up jaw we all have during a stressful moment.

Wishing you and yours health and happiness!

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