Your Chinese Horoscope: Life-Changing Surprises

Life-Changing Surprises

 Your April Chinese Horoscope

You’ll look back on April of 2015 as a month of intensity, and life-changing surprises. The Rabbit of Woods and Mountain reminds us to approach each day with loving understanding and an acceptance that the meaning of events will appear over time. In fact, it’s an exciting new way of life unfolding.

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The New Moon on April 19 brings the Dragon of Patience, reminding you that your best ideas need to find form through your ability to clear a path for your spirit to shine. Your April animal days offer you special times for such personal breakthroughs. To find your Chinese animal, search for your birth year below. Then read your Chinese Horoscope!



Your passionate intensity on April 6 finds an outlet. Your cleverness brings that energy to life in love and work. You’re full of vital energy to enjoy life on April 18 as the Rat on the Roof. You’re in top creative form on the morning of April 30 as the Field Rat.


Your steadiness is crucial as you are the Ox by the Gate on April 7. You remind others of beauty, love, loyalty and what is real in the midst of their chaos. April 19 brings benefits from diving to the depths of your passions/sexuality as the Sea Ox, as this Dragon of Patience month begins.


On April 8 you remain the Tiger Standing Firm, according to your Chinese Horoscope. After yesterday’s high emotions, passions and surprises, you lead the way toward a focused, positive approach. The evening of April 20 grounds you in serious, yet fruitful thought about the future as the Tiger in the Forest.

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Recent dramas you’ve experienced are now unfolding into purposeful direction on April 9 as you are the Enlightened Rabbit. Your sweet spirit inspires others. You are definitely the Rabbit Dreaming of the Moon on this romantic day of April 21. Just take care with important communication.


You are the Dragon in the Sky on April 10, flying with creative energy. Save those ideas for implementation soon. April 22 is a day to rethink your life story as the Rain Dragon. There may be a direction you hadn’t considered that offers real success.


You have intense energy to make things real in all your relationships and plans as the Snake in the Pool on April 11. You want to see passion and results! April 23 is all about your deepest feelings and seeking your ideals as the Snake of Happiness.

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The afternoon of April 12 brings loving words and acts of kindness as you are the Horse in the Stable, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Enjoy the sweetness and harmony. April 24 may have you feeling rebellious and ready to claim what is yours as the Palace Horse. With compassionate and healing words, you’ll succeed.


As the Lost Sheep on April 1 you’ll be reminded of who you really are by true friends who love you. April 13 is an electrifying day full of a sense of freedom as you’re the Sheep in Pasture. April 25 is the perfect day to take action as the Lucky Sheep.

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April 2 provides the opportunity to remind yourself of all of your best attributes. Then express them to their fullest as the Independent Monkey. April 14 is a day for contemplation and creation as the Monkey Eating Fruit. You light up the room on April 26 as the Elegant Monkey.


April 3 finds you looking for the right words to express new ideas and feelings as the Cock Pecking for Food. On April 15 focus on healthy physical activities like yoga as the Caged Rooster. You’ll feel great. The evening is the best time for action on April 27 as the Barnyard Rooster.


Use the lunar eclipse morning of April 4 to open yourself up to new possibilities as the Temple Dog. Startling surprises offer new opportunities. April 16 is the perfect day to use inspired language to create a new direction as the Watch Dog. April 28 is a down-to-earth day offering you power through intensity as the Guard Dog.


Desires and emotions feel at odds on the morning of April 5. Find a creative outlet to bring inner harmony as the Farmer Pig. You’re the Pig in the Forest on April 17 with an urge to make life more primal. Enjoy the fun! As the Traveling Pig on April 29 it’s absolutely time to take action on your deepest passions.

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