Your Weekend Forecast for November 1 – 3, 2013

A Scorpio Sun and Libra Moon Make This a Weekend to Remember

Welcome to the first weekend of November. A Scorpio Sun and a Libra Moon start us off with a deep sense of balance and harmony. The moon enters Scorpio on Saturday afternoon, taking over the balance and giving us more depth than the deep end of a diving pool. The dark side of life peeks through and we find ourselves engulfed in our own thoughts about how to change what we must and clear out old patterns.


Being smug is easy for you with your brilliant mind, yet even you find it hard to push forward this weekend. Your brain is on lockdown and you do not like it one bit. Take a break, meditate and for peace of mind get around some friends.


It’s a mudslide! Get out of your own way. The deep watery energy softens your soul and you are likely to do something unthinkable. Know when to hold em and know when to fold em and be sure to watch your back.


Dance, Gemini, dance! Play and have fun. You are pretty much the only one in the room with energy. Others gravitate towards you and willingly or not, they still come into your realm. Keep a cool head and deal with the stubborn vibrations the best way you can.


You feel good as the weekend starts, but you become sluggish and lethargic on Saturday. Plans made seem to dwindle away and you are feeling like you cannot accomplish anything. Don’t worry though because this will pass.


Emotionally, you are a wreck and that’s because you are getting ready to talk to your partner about taking the next step in your relationship. It is going to be a time where even you, dear Leo, will be moved by the love you feel. You may even shed a tear!


If it is not real, you want nothing to do with it. This is a time in your life to get real! Everyone and everything must be authentic—you will not have any fakes or lies anymore. This weekend your eyes will be open and you can see through people and their intentions.


Focus on balance and harmony only for a minute. Then catch your breath and go to plan B. Get what you need out of the way and then take some time for yourself. You need it since you have been working hard and the season for your business is now.


Happy Scorpio, go make some of your friends and family smile. You can do it. This is a good weekend for you to ponder what you need in your life to be content. With the holidays around the corner, you have much to plan.


Friday night your fire burns bright, but simmers down over the rest of the weekend. Any outings that were planned fall to the wayside, but that’s okay. Now you have the time to finish projects around the house, organize your home office and take a long nap.


All the clutter from the front of the house to the back of the house has been eliminated. You have room to roam and think of new desires. This is a good time to plan for the future as the past is in the rear view mirror.


Don’t let your plans go down in flames or sink like a lead ship. You can salvage what you feel is most important and bring some fun to the table. This is a time when your creative nature rises to the top and you take over with bright ideas to renew lost hope.


Even you, lovely Pisces can be stuck, but it is only for a minute. Take this idle time to get some much-needed rest. Work has been tough and you have taken some things to heart that you need to go let of. Meditate and relax.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for November 1 – 3, 2013

  1. Bella

    Yes I saw “LEO’S” weekend forecast , “” it is what it ISA is”” !!!! lol like what was said Taurus yea & ya better know when 2 hold em know when 2 fold em watch him / ur back .. better you than me Lol lol & no I’m not sorry bless ya heart !!! :) .. Hee Hee ;)

  2. Bella

    Yes I saw “LEO’S” weekend forecast , “” it is what it ISA is”” !!!! lol like what was said Taurus yea & ya better know when 2 hold em know when 2 fold em watch ms / ur back .. better you than me Lol lol & no I’m not sorry bless ya heart !!! :) .. Hee Hee ;)

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi everyone,
    sure hope Halloween was fun, and if you continue to party through the weekend, have a great time.

  4. Bella

    Amen ms Quinn I couldn’t if said it better 4 us CaPRICORNS so true FYI jc fell out if the sky once again OMG “” stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa “” lol you know that was funny !!!! … I still have stitches can’t talk very good I’ll call you soon bc I’m gonna get his a— I hope you have a great weekend you weekend love warrior you , l lol … Bella xoxoxo


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