30 Dirty Ways to Feel Good by Being Bad

Sometimes, feeling good means you do something edgy, kinky, or even “bad.” So, get out of your comfort zone and into the naughty zone! You do not have to turn 30 years old to have a “Dirty Thirty” anymore. Read this list of 30 taboo experiences that will add some spice to your life and a grin to your face… Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

From Naughty to Nice

1. Stay in bed and watch a marathon of your favorite television show.

2. Skinny dip in a Jacuzzi with your lover.

3. Request the longest, most expensive massage at the spa.

4. Take a cab to a hip bar and get drunk with friends!

5. Gamble! Withdraw $500 from the bank and only gamble up to that amount.

6. Delete people you do not truly like from your Facebook page.

7. Go shopping all day (and bring all your credit cards).

8. Burn mementos from past relationships. Then roast marshmallows over the fire!

9. Get a Brazilian wax. Heck, wax everything!

10. Buy 50 Lotto tickets or scratchers.

11. Visit an adult store and buy a few sex toys. If you do not know what to get, just ask an employee for suggestions.

12. Take some new gaudy glamour photos. Frame them. Post them. Share them!

13. Eat fast food all day. And order dessert too!

14. Call in sick. Then sleep in and do not plan anything important to do for the rest of the day.

15. Read 50 Shades of Grey. If you enjoy it, read the whole series by E.L. James.

16. Go to the tanning salon, get a fake tan, or just spend the day out in the sun at the beach.

17. Plan a weekend trip to Las Vegas.

18. Skip the vitamins, nutrition bars, and other health foods for a whole week.

19. Learn to strip or pole dance. Then perform your new skills for somebody special.

20. Call an ex. You could just catch up on old times or get a “booty call.”

21. Buy some new lingerie that is different from everything else you own.

22. Create an Amazon.com wish list and add everything your heart desires.

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23. Have a “Complete Opposite Day” like George Castanza in Seinfeld.

24. Make a sex tape with your partner, watch it and then destroy it together.

25. Look for and apply for new job opportunities even though you already have steady employment. See what’s out there!

26. Throw a masquerade ball or a toga party.

27. Play “Spin the Bottle” or “Strip Poker.”

28. Get that tattoo and/or piercing you have always wanted.

29. Spend a little extra money to increase your cable channels, Internet speed, or monthly texting limit.

30. Elope! That’s right! Tie the knot if you know you are with the right person. Save all that wedding money for an awesome honeymoon or a down payment on your dream home.

As a typical “good girl” all my life, I found much enjoyment each time I did something from this list because it was out of character for me. Feeling good sometimes requires us to break convention, walk on the wild side, or do something new and taboo once in a while. Want to walk on the wild side but don’t know how to get started? Psychic Julia ext. 9131 can help.

If you find yourself wanting to cut loose but cannot seem to find the strength to do so, call a psychic to figure out what you truly need to do to feel good again. If continuing to be good (and trying to be a little bad) does not cheer you up, a psychic can suggest other activities that will excite you once again.

5 thoughts on “30 Dirty Ways to Feel Good by Being Bad

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    for me, it was getting a tatoo, ( something that those who thought they knew me would never expect me to do )…..LOL….the look on my grown daughter’s face was priceless when she saw the tatoo….LOL

  2. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    If you live in NY, check out the No Pants Subway Ride.

    Go somewhere for a silly reason – drive to the store in the middle of the night to look at all the types of jam, or take a friend and drive across the state line to get a cup of coffee.

    Talk to strangers. (For advanced players, kiss a stranger.)

    Go skydiving. It will change your life.

    Throw a party – make up your own outrageous get-together like Llama Appreciation Day or the Creative Uses of Guacamole Dance Contest.

    Play a practical joke on someone who will appreciate it. Make it elaborate. Bonus points if it ends up on youtube.

    The next time a store clerk asks if s/he can help you find something, ask for something outrageous. “Where can I find eyeball remover?” or “Do you guys still carry that do it yourself lobotomy kit?” or pick up some depilatory cream and ask, “Will this work on cats?”

  3. Marc from the UK

    Very funny, as someone who considers himself quite disciplined, I do have a break every now and then and enjoy doing some of the above! REMEMBER life is not a rehearsal !


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