Your New Moon Forecast for November 2013

A New Moon and a Total Transformation

On November 3, a New Moon in transformative Scorpio encourages us to surrender to universal alchemy and let ourselves be reborn. This particular New Moon promises to be an intense experience, as it’s coupled with a total Solar Eclipse. How can you maximize this star-sanctioned metamorphosis?

Here are three ways to seize the spirit of the Scorpio New Moon!

Clear Out the Cobwebs

A Scorpio New Moon is an ideal time to begin a detox of any kind. Whether it lasts a week or a month, it doesn’t matter. The goal is to clear your head in order to let some light in. On that note, now’s the time to nix your fix—booze, chocolate, workaholism, a bad-for-you lover, etc. Commit to stepping back in the name of purging. You’ll emerge lighter, brighter and ready to roar. In the meantime, it’s also prime time to…

Laugh in the Face of Danger

Scorpio is not afraid of the darkness. In fact, the stinger, as a sign, is deeply rooted in it. How does that translate to a New Moon? For starters, don’t be afraid of your shadow self. If there’s something in you that scares you (selfishness, anger, greed, fear of abandonment, etc.), confront it. Ask yourself why you’re scared and take a moment to digest it. What’s the worst that can happen if you face your fears in the mirror and are unwilling to be driven by them any longer? Is anything that could happen really that much worse than holding on to the fears holding you back? Odds are, what you fear is worse than what could happen, and that, in and of itself, should be enough to give you a little confidence-boosting chuckle.

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Love Fully

It sounds simple, but fully giving over to pure love (in an emotional and spiritual sense, as well as in a sensual or sexual one) is not an easy thing. It requires absolute trust and openness to intimacy. This can be frightening and cannot be offered up lightly. On that note, the kind of giving herein implied in no way suggests you share of yourself with someone who doesn’t deserve you. If anything, giving over to emotional vampires or other abusers is a complete waste of this powerful energy! Rather, the command to love fully dictates that you stop holding back with those you hold nearest and dearest—from your friends and family to partners or lovers, and most importantly from yourself. Give from the heart and expect nothing in return. Whether in small gesture or grand action, let your heart be open and share it confidently. You’ll be amazed by what that level of fearlessness brings into your world in the way of transformative energy.

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