Your Weekend Forecast for October 18 – 20, 2013

What’s Doin’ This Weekend?

Starting with a blaze of glory, this weekend’s energy simmers down by Saturday afternoon. Exercising, playing a sport or staying home and making love all weekend long bring more than just pleasure into our lives. It’s a time to wake up and appreciate the bountiful harvest by sharing wonderful food and new recipes with loved ones, baking apple pies and carving pumpkins. There is a Taurus Moon this weekend and it’s also the last weekend with the Libra Sun shinning on us. We find we are happy to be alive.


Always an incredible host, you make those you love feel warm and welcome in your home. Showing off you baking skills could win you first prize in any competition if you chose to enter. Or you could just enjoy the baked goodies you make with family.


This is a wonderful time of year—you appreciate the changing colors of autumn’s foliage. Decorations for Halloween are at the top of your list of purchases and the next step will be planning a fun party.


What a great time of year for you to be creative. For you, it’s all about spicing up your love life, designing your holiday decorations and preparing for the months ahead. The vibrations are working in your favor so enjoy the fresh air and use the seasonal colors for inspiration.


Moody one, you are going to enjoy this weekend even if someone calls you out on your attitude. You find that your mood stabilizes Saturday afternoon and you are able to accomplish some important tasks around the house. Sunday will be joyful.


Feeling a bit stuck has you questioning your motives, goals and desires. Making new plans resonates with you and you cast off old, outdated ideas. There will be plenty of new and fresh thoughts running through your head all day Sunday.


Having a little too much fun on Friday night is a good reason to hang out at home and relax on Saturday. You are in a good mood despite the aftermath of the party. Getting ready for a big project at work is your focus and in light of blowing off steam on Friday, you are ready for the week ahead.


Oh, the lovely colors and the smell of the autumn air set you up for a great weekend outdoors. Your property has never looked so good and friends join you for a little cookout—bring sweaters. Hot apple cider accompanies a brilliant evening.


The weekend is just the prelude to your best time of year. Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Put your party hat on and celebrate this weekend instead of Wednesday (not the best night to party).


This weekend you will have a moment of reflection that wakes you up to a new reality. Your soul and spirit are touched by a cause and your passion to help overwhelms you as you thrust forward into making an effort to improve the lives of others.


Your surroundings are exquisite—it’s the most beautiful time of year. You enjoy watching puppies play in fallen leaves. Work energy has changed for the better and you no longer dread going to the office. Joy is embracing you.


It’s going to be a creative weekend. There are pumpkins to carve and pies to bake. The colors are changing in your household! You are going to enjoy going for a long drive in your new car this weekend. Don’t forget to take your camera. The scenery will be enchanting.


Watch for the “landmines” and say a little prayer. You have to tread lightly and find a place to fit in this weekend. Others will ruffle your fins if you allow them to. But if you stay on course no matter what, this weekend will be positive and fun.

8 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for October 18 – 20, 2013

  1. Yolanda R.

    My birthday was on the 10th, last week, but on the 9th I went to a store where there was a big sale, so as I often day about each season, I purchase during a sale. On my way back home, I abssent-mindly forgot my bag (with the sweaters) in the bus and to this date was unable to recuperate it (total lost $140.+) Now, I am still wondering if I ever will recuperate this lost thru winning some loterie or is this part of my losing streak which has been with me since age 24, by today, I am in my 70th decade. Is there something positive to come up sooner or even slightly later? I sure would love to have some help with my mercantile enterprises. Can you see something showing in my Libra cards? Thank you!

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    Christina Hoover October 18, 2013 at 9:31 am
    How is it going to go for me $$$ wise, at my current REAl Estate office? Will my old lover come back to me to be a friend?

    things are really picking up.
    leave the old love where there are, you don’t need this friendship, it will only interfere in other personal relationships.
    but with mercury rx there will be a moment of reflection. tread lightly.

  3. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    good day dear Faith,
    thank you for the blessings. cant have enough of those. enjoy the weekend no matter where the planets are. we control our destiny as we learn to rise above the astrological influences.
    I do love the moon and Saturn. my two favorite planets. and the wonderful autumn.
    with this full moon eclipse we should have lots of questions about why the love light went out, don’t worry it will come back on renewed, like a change of a light blub.
    mercury rx, oh boy…
    love and blessing back at ya,

  4. Christina Hoover

    How is it going to go for me $$$ wise, at my current REAl Estate office? Will my old lover come back to me to be a friend?

  5. Bella

    Hey ms Quinn I hope your doing good .. I have been really busy & make our final plans 4 my work & now I’m 🙁 🙁 as heck BCZ I have some unexpected surgery coming up next week .. I’m still dis hearted with OUR = my personal Capricorn love forecast in general .. Lol FYI I’ve stop reading the MY daily horoscopes IN general BCZ 4 me none of the romance sector IS true nor NO where near the truth .. FYI u knew it wound be rocky 4 the rest of the year .. Anyway after I have this next preventive surgery BS I’m setting up an appt ASAP BCZ I want my cards read .. Have a good 1 “” making love all weekend “” yeah & in my dreams lol YEA right I wish .. Have fun Lol lol ok & I hear ya have a good 1 … xoxo ((( ms Quinn ))) !!!!! Your dearest Bella .. 🙂 😉

  6. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Ah – the passing Libra energy *sigh*! Also enjoying the 4th pass of the Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries square – yikes did I say enjoying!?! Let’s hope so! 🙂

    Happy Full Moon Eclipse today Ms. Quinn and may everyone enjoy a beautiful Autumn weekend before our infamous Mercury Rx begins on 10/21!

    Blessings to all, Faith ext. 9608


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