Your Mercury Retrograde Forecast for October

Mercury Retrograde: Cosmic and Karmic Connections

On October 21, Mercury will turn retrograde (through November 10) for the last time in 2013. All three water signs were hosts to the three retrogrades this year, each taking a turn. This time Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio, the sign that rules sex, taxes, fantasy, life after death, intuitiveness, what is hidden beneath the surface and more. There’s a lot happening in Scorpio between October and mid-November and it’s all connected due to karmic Saturn.

This month in general is a good month to slow down processes. Mercury turns retrograde on the heels of an eclipse, so look for connections between what happened then, what happens during and after Mercury’s retrograde and next month’s solar eclipse (also in Scorpio). By next month you will see how it all unfolds.


Mercury is in your house of other people’s money and it’s a good time to check bills paid and owed and make sure everything is in order. If someone owes you, they may need a reminder.


This retrograde affects your partnerships and commitments. If you and your lover have plans, they may be delayed or you may decide that now is not the time. This too shall pass.


Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades in your house of daily work and reputation, so if you’re working on a project you may experience delays, interruptions and changes in plans.

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Mercury is in your fifth house of true love and romance. You could be thinking of dialing up an old lover or attempting to patch up a recent rift with a current lover. That’s okay. Just try not to make any final decisions until mid-November.


The retrograde falls in your house of home. If you’re thinking about replacing large appliances, signing a contract on a new home or anything similar, wait until the second week of November if at all possible.


Your ruler is Mercury so its retrogrades always affect you. This time it’s in your house of communication. To make matters seem a little more pressing, Mars enters your sign on the 15th and you’ll want to take action, but try to hold back during this phase.


The retrograde occurs in your house of earnings. Try to spend less than you make. Also, regardless of this retrograde, if you need work, accept offers and worry about it later. The best possibility is returning to an old job—an act in tune with retrogrades.


As the host of this retrograde (as well as Saturn), all the rules that apply to Mercury retrogrades now hit you where you live. You’re smart and strong enough to resist impulsive behavior and avoid the mistakes that are possible. Hang back.


With Mercury in your house of hidden issues and retreat, laying low is a wise thing to do. Unless you’re dating a former lover or accepting a position at a place you’ve worked before, doing nothing is advisable, but if you do, don’t seal the deal yet.

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The retrograde affects your house of the unexpected. Actually for you, and others, October is a good month to stay with the status quo. Visit old friends and make no plans until mid-November.


This retrograde is actually not so bad for you. Your house of career is lit up with helpful Saturn and next month’s solar eclipse in the same sign. This is the key to your professional future. For now until mid-November though, don’t push. Let things flow naturally.


Your ninth house, where Mercury is currently, rules a lot of things—long distance travel, lawyers, rituals and self-improvement, to name a few. Basically, don’t initiate anything during October. Just finish up old business and get it out of the way.

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  1. Jasmin

    I filled a job application end of September. The first week of October I was told that I am shortlisted. I had the interview yesterday ( 6th November). I got the job and will start April. I have a good job but this is a job that I wanted to move onto for a while.. Is it bad to accept the job, will sign the documents the next month..

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  4. LJ

    Dear Kishan: I’m not sure who you’re emailing, but I certainly do read my comments and when possible try to respond to them all. I’m sorry you’re feeling neglected, but the only way I know to connect to an astrologer or psychic or whomever you’re seeking is by calling. Perhaps they do email readings too, but since I only write for CaliforniaPsychics, I can’t tell you what you need to know. My suggestion is that you call someone to help you. Honestly, there are many gifted people who are more than willing to help you here. Good luck.

  5. LJ

    Dear Peggy: So sorry. I am a natural-born worrier (part of being a Cancer) and I can’t imagine feeling that way again … meditation (even in short doses), yoga, breathing exercises, and avoiding loud, crowded, crazy places will help you attach to your center and once you do, it’ll will be easier to find it each time you need to. You might be a sensitive or an empath, soaking up the emotions around you – you should speak to someone who can help you there, someone who can teach you how to manage that. Those all worked for me. It’s a process, but you’ll get a handle on it, I’m sure.

  6. LJ

    Dear panomgatkuoth: Thank you first of all. As for your hearing, there are aids to help you hear and I hope you get one if possible. The next best thing is a trusted friend to help you. All the best.

  7. panomgatkuoth

    Am happy in order to hear those from you about adjust of my life .I interested that news and decided to call you.but my physical problem against me.does that problem is a lack of hearing.I don.t hear people on phone that why I stuck to give you a call.I need you to keep your work on me, about my dream and thank a lot


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