Your Weekend Forecast for September 6 – 8, 2013

What’s Doin’ This Weekend?

The ebbs and flows of this weekend are quite dramatic thanks to the Libra Moon and the Virgo Sun. We find ourselves wanting to go one way while others are pulling us in another direction. It is all about the details of love and how we deal with them. Have great sex or play hard outdoors to work off the energy. By Sunday night, the Scorpio Moon brings us to a mindful place.

This month the weekend Moons are in the cardinal signs. This means we are motivated emotionally to move forward and change what needs to be changed. Keep this in mind all month by using the appropriate mantra for your sign below:


“Getting ahead.” is your weekend mantra. You’re working on goals and desires right now. If you switch off your work mode and switch on your creative mode you will find it to be a worthwhile experience.


“I am steady as a rock. I am the earth.” is your weekend mantra. You are not one to allow others to put you off balance, however, you will be tried in games of chance. Therefore, if you are playing for keeps, let your mantra work for you these next two days.


“Think first, talk later.” is your mantra. Mindfulness is one of your best qualities and there will be some heavy thinking to do pertaining to your passions for your creative side. Giving attention to loved ones is also on the agenda.


“I am comfortable with myself.” is your mantra, so embrace those words. Being you never go directly to wherever you need to be, sidestepping will not be a problem for you. Avoid confrontations for a good couple of days.


“Keep my temper at bay.” This mantra helps you to be nice even when confronted with opposition. Take some time to work off negative vibrations that have cropped up at work. Remember, you are the captain of your ship.


“I am responsible for how I feel.” This mantra gives you the power to move forward. Take the worry off your plate this weekend and have some fun doing something new. Let go of what others might be thinking about you.


“Be calm. be relaxed.” is the mantra for balancing out your scales of justice. Finding a different arena to play in will work on more than one level. Meeting new people brings new ideas and gets you out of the box you are feeling stuck in.


“I make things happen.” is your mantra. It’s kind of like the saying, “I did it my way.” Stick to your guns as suggestions received from others are considered, because taking orders is out of the question. Your depth and wisdom allow you to help someone you love.


“I will listen to my inner voice.” This mantra allows for happiness. There is so much chatter around you it is hard to hear yourself think. It is a good weekend to stay close to home and enjoy the basic aspects of life that you are responsible for.


“Allow others to help.” This is a mantra you might find hard to accept. Let’s face it, you have been the “one” for way too long. Your partner and family are willing to give you a hand, so take advantage of all the experience offered to you.


“I will speak kindly.” This is a much-needed mantra, as this vibration will keep your friends and family in your orbit. If you need time to yourself, take it without feeling guilty. Using your creative energy is always a great outlet.


“My faith will not be shaken.” is a spiritual mantra needed as you are pushed into areas you are not knowledgeable about. Open yourself up to new ideas—it will enhance your faith and raise your spirit.

4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for September 6 – 8, 2013

  1. LJ

    LOL you’ve done it again! My friends and I were just talking about Cancerians and how they avoid confrontation, so for my non-astrologically savvy friends I said, “Have you ever seen a crab walk forward?” They chuckled and agreed. And I’ll be happy to continue to avoid conflicts this weekend 🙂 Thanks Quinn, you’re the best.

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    dear bella,
    my prayers are with you always, take care of you and don’t worry about anyone else. this is your time to strengthen you life condition and come home better than ever.
    lots of love,

  3. Bella

    Sorry ms quinn my hands are not working today like I was saying I don’t have time to go back in I’M SO BUSY I HAVE 1000000000 thiings 2 do before the 1st of the year I know be patient YES my drs keeps saying last 1 Last time ummm hummm I got their LAST TIME BS MESS 2 so MY DRS all CAN SHOVE IT BY SAYING ITS THE MY LAST 1 lol lol JUST KIDDIN BCZ I DO LIKE ALL MY DRS BUT ENOUGHS ENOUGH ARE YOU GETTING WHAT I’M SAYING ?? .. I’m still gonna book a readinng around the `16th’ afternooonn if I’m still in hospital OR NOT .. I’M STILL MAKING IT WITHOUT NO jc however somedays are easier than others I try not to think about whoooshhhh= HIS BS BECAUZE ITS BEEN 3 years AND NOW ITS going out the windows lol lol you see my sense of wicked humor is still in tact lol lol have a great weekend love ya ms quinn ((( ms quinn ))) … xoxo your dearest bella .. 🙂 🙂 …. FYI I DON’T LIKE NONE OF THE NEXT 30 days forecast 4 US CAPRICORNS my fellow earth & cardnals signs YATA YATA bling bling PREDICTIONS @ all , AND FYI ALL I SEE IS PURPLE HAZE & a lot of confusion I thought the hazing summer was over I guess not lol lol .. my warmest wishes 4 you ms quinn

  4. Bella

    Hey ms quinn, you & your man must of had a nice labor day weekend , bcz you went MIA YOUR SELF lol lol lol … I’m home from the hospital 4 now I’m going bacck in on next Friday yeah im 🙁 2 “” IT IS WWHAT IT IS 2 “” but I’m still ticked off thought ….


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