Be the Bad Girl, Even If You’re Being Good

Embrace Your Bad Side

There are many shades of grey regarding our sensuality and sexuality. However, there’s no need to go to extremes when you can accomplish so much more with a delicate and dynamic balance of feminine prowess and demureness. Here are some creative ways to accomplish this and keep him coming back for more!

The Power of Femininity

One crucial thing many women forget is that men are most admiring of women when they are just being women. This doesn’t mean you need to throw yourself at him or blatantly flaunt your sexuality, but it does mean you should get in tune with that primal part of you that is purely feminine. With coy glances, body movements and sexy banter, you can let him know you are thinking dirty thoughts without being vulgar or overt. You have the power to pick and choose how much you want to engage in. After all, much of the fun is in the flirt!

Flirty Flirty

Flirting can be compared to a dance rich with suggestion and hopeful intention. Anything and everything can have a sensual or sexual undertone if you play it just right! With your body language, smiles and voice tone, let him know you are thinking of more then just, oh say, the weather. A guy can think a woman “naughty” for her sensual thoughts, but still see her as a good girl if she doesn’t make it too easy for him, so have fun with it!

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Play Dress-Up

There are so many different ways to dress yourself erotically without your outfit screaming “stripper.” From the sexy bookworm/schoolgirl to the biker chick, and everywhere in between, you can show him your versatility and your slightly wild side without compromising your integrity. Wear your clothes with class and a splash of tease and let his imagination do the rest!

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Creative but Coy

No need to be overly overt in your flirtations and play! Instead, be creative in how you are expressing yourself to your mate, in and out of the bedroom. You could surprise him with light role-playing and you could add a non-conventional-for-you element to your teasing. This says you are open to doing new things that’ll get his mind spinning, and he won’t actually expect it. After that, it’s up to you how in-depth you go, as long as you don’t misrepresent yourself or what you want. It’s fun to play a little with your imagination and fantasies, and we all know the fun is as much in the journey as the destination!

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