Your Mercury Horoscope for September 2013

Mercury: It’s How You Say it

If you thought Mercury in Virgo highlighted the details, look out! On September 9, the winged one transits into intellectual Libra. It’s more than just what you say under this harmony-seeking Air sign… it’s how you say it!

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you this month!


You start the month highly scheduled—it’s a great time to make your to-do list. After the 9th, talks begin. It’s a perfect time to work on your people skills. But you’d better know your facts, too. Mercury in Scorpio after the 29th demands that. Get the details with an astrology reading from Psychic Tabitha ext. 5717.


Early in the month, you’re focused on social activities and surrounding yourself with those who make you feel your best. Focus kicks in after the 9th and forces you to get down to practical matters, but the upside is, you find it fun!


You’re feeling particularly persuasive early this month—you can probably convince almost anyone of almost anything. You’re also especially creative. In other words, your Gemini mind is racing and it’s a great time to get things done!


Introspection is the order of the day, Crab. Feelings are particularly intense right now, but in a positive, contemplative way. Perhaps you’re considering how you got here or where you’re going and what needs to change to get there. Need help figuring out what needs to change? Find out with an in-depth astrology reading from Psychic Josie ext. 5520.


Material possessions are on your mind and you’re apt to be taking steps toward increasing abundance and standing. This means socializing, but also paperwork and logistics. You can be creative while still dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.


You’re feeling more relaxed as the month progresses, which allows you to communicate with grace. You’re able to settle arguments or tie up loose ends at this time and should feel motivated to do so.

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Between the Sun and Mercury, you’re feeling very introspective this month. This has you more sensitive than usual and especially nostalgic. Nurture yourself. If this means drawing boundaries you’re not accustomed to, so be it.


The focus is on tapping into the collective unconscious. You get the ball rolling early in the month on practical matters, but find yourself zoned during Mercury in Libra—a perfect time for recharging. Seize it and you’ll be thankful next month!


Consistence and reliability are highlighted; you’re being asked to rise to the occasion and deliver. No matter how distant, focus on your target (it’s a Sagittarian requirement). Slow but steady progress is all you need.


Bureaucracy is enough to drive even a Capricorn crazy, but it’s at the fore as the month kicks off. It’s up to you to set the schedule early in the month and follow through. It’s a great time to try new tactics and set new objectives.


Until the 9th, you’re talking (and thinking) about strategy. This includes getting input from outside sources. Plans may become quite detailed. After the 9th, your mind moves to changing your environment, even if it’s a short-term change.


You start the month on hold, but fortunately, it’s short-lived. When Mercury moves to Libra on the 9th, your mind opens up. It’s time to seek counsel from those you trust. Plan for the future, particularly for practical matters.

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