Your Weekend Forecast for August 30 – September 1, 2013

Change is in the Air This Weekend!

The Cancer Moon calls us out on our emotions while the Virgo Sun gives us the ability to tell it like it is. Breakups and makeups will take place this weekend. This is one weekend where crying is allowed, but get over it before Monday comes—starting the week fresh is very important.


Keeping it moving forward has you on your toes. Allow the healing, nurturing power of the moon to lead you into a happy relationship. Ending it now is not the right move to make and if you do, you will be back together by the end of the week.


The earth moves under your feet and you do not like it one bit. Standing your ground will keep the love alive. Do not allow anyone to push you around—even if you are a girl you wear the pants in the relationship!


Being a chatterbox is not really your style, yet you are having a hard time keeping your mouth zipped. It is all good and fun to feel full of things to say—just choose your words wisely and no one will be hurt.


Letting go (a concept that’s not easy for you to grasp) has you thinking. Should you stay or should you go, is the question. Focus on settling in before you make any big changes to your love life. Your emotions can get the best of you so keep those tissues handy.


No matter what, no one can change your mind. Holding a steadfast pattern keeps the fire of love burning in your heart. Allow yourself to share your deepest feelings—this will brighten up the weekend.


Using caution is a good idea when put in a position where you have to trust someone you are not sure about. Emotions run high within your circle and since you’re the voice of logic, you will be the most trusted.


Tingling vibrations get you going, finding it hard to be contained. This is a good time to let all your truths come out and clear the air. Thinking of adding something new to your work energy is a good idea.


Take this weekend to build your strength of resistance. There will be lots to deal with in the month ahead and you must be unshakable to succeed. Meditation and working out make for a strong mind and body.


People are talking, but you are not listening. Pay attention so you do not miss the good stuff. Being in your own head is fine, but there is a message you need to hear from someone who has passed over and it will bring you clarity.


A side of you comes out this weekend that sets you up for the month. “Stubborn” doesn’t usually describe you, but somehow it is important to stand your ground. Taking on too much responsibility for so long gives you the go-ahead to hire the help you need.


Life is like a fly floating in your soup. Yuck! It’s time to clean out and prepare for the new month. Do the work or hire someone to do it for you but get it done so you can relax and enjoy your environment.


Others see your spiritual side and want to bring you into their spiritual midst. Stand your ground—you have a good set of rules for yourself. Showing how strong your faith is makes you feel accomplished and grounded.

19 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for August 30 – September 1, 2013

  1. Diyana

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  3. Nakia

    I hope something good happens financially because my world feels like its over…. and some piece of mind so that I can think….

  4. karen

    I was wanting to know if things are going go work out between me and my boyfriend. We dont see each other because of our jobs that much, but when we do, things are great. He is s great man and I hope things can change were we can see each other more and more.

  5. Bella

    HEY MS QUINN NOW THAT I’M HOME WHAT KIND OF VIBE ARE YOU PICKING UP ON ME NO OFFENSE BUT RIGHT NOW — YOUSER MY HEALTH YEAH I MEANT IT TO BUT WHAT VIBE ELSE WHERE ARE YOU FEELING …. 🙂 🙂 I’m wanted an appt on fri 13th but I have a test @ EMORY H so I’m thinking ON MON 16th around 7pm my time iv got some credit FYI WHEN I GOT TO MAKE MY APPT I’m adding some more time TO IT but this reading shouldn’t take long I need yer or no answers pleaze … XOXO … your dearest bella … love you … xoxoxoxo … 🙂 :l

  6. Melanie

    Will the guy i really like finally see he really wants to be with me and will make the necesary changes to make it happen?

  7. Angela

    My son’s first birthday is coming up soon. Will there ever be peace between me and my husband’s family or will they be hateful and judgmental toward me forever?

  8. Bella


  9. Nivan

    I did read your weekend horoscope…I am a cancerian…I have a love interest who is a libra girl…Its not that we are in a relationship, but just started as friends…..But I am confident, that she knows I like her…Point is I am confused where I am heading……..She is a nice person and has lots of guyz who are behind her, we did go out 2 times, she had a great time but again meeting up …is being difficult as sometimes her excuses of being busy…keep on popping up….So I need some guidance from you as to should I move away or stay

  10. Linda Lucyk

    I need a person whose kind and undertanding to help me will i find that person and will i get a job soon .trying so hard and getting nowhere where do I go from here ? getting some good messages but to many are still judging harsh .

  11. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi liza,
    im sure your new path will be full of beautiful flowers and sunshine. 🙂

    hi kim,
    this new person will be in your life for sometime. keep a calm energy about yourself. you know what I mean! 😉

    hi casey, this is the horoscope for the whole weekend. from Friday to Sunday at midnight. have a great weekend.

    be safe be happy have a fun 3 day weekend.

  12. liza

    I would like to know if I will ever find someone to love me ….n I’m starting a new life after taking care of a 92 years old gentleman….will I succeed in my new journey….thank you so very much for your time….


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