Numerology: What Is Your Personality Number?

Who Are You?

Your Personality Number is what you project to others—the outer world around you. Your physical appearance, public image and qualities of attraction carry the energy of this number.

To calculate your Personality Number, use the full name as it appears on your birth certificate and apply the corresponding number (below) to each consonant only. Add them together and keep breaking them down until you get a number between 1 and 9.

Letters to Numbers:

1 A J S
2 B K T
3 C L U
4 D M V
5 E N W
6 F O X
7 G P Y
8 H Q Z
9 I R

Example: Barack Hussein Obama II =

[Most modern systems disregard Jr., II, III, etc. as part of the name.]

Barack: 2 + 9 + 3 + 2 = 16
Hussein: 8 + 1 + 1 + 5 = 15
Obama: 2 + 4 = 6

Next, take all the numbers together: 16+15+6 = 37, 3 + 7 = 10. His Personality Number is 1 (Zero doesn’t count.). Now, calculate yours.

To calculate your Master Number, take the two digits from the second to last step of calculating your Personality Number. So in the example above, the Master Number would be 37. It could also appear as 37/1. Now calculate yours.

Master numbers 11, 22 and 33 are considered very important in numerology and are often referred to as 11/2, 22/4 and 33/6 with a special significance.

Personality #1

You are seen as a leader, a self-starter, and as someone who is physically adept. Most 1s have are appealingly athletic, often glowing with health and vitality. If you are a 19/1, you tend to be the independent one who finds yourself pulled by others toward leadership roles and you are a natural when you accept such a position.

Personality #2

You are the person others look to in helping people relate. Your empathetic, gentler appearance draws others to you for comfort and they find you attractive. If you have an 11/2 vibration, others have even greater expectations for your ability to relate and bring people together.

Personality #3

Those who project the 3 energy to the world are often extremely attractive. Since this is the number of harmony and flow, your features are usually harmonious—they fit together well and are pleasant to see. Others often see you as an artist—someone creating beauty wherever you go. You have a sense of style, design and your words often flow in a way that make others feel great.

Personality #4

You create the image of being very organized, skilled and being able to build a structure of any kind, whether it is a business, home, family or a great party. You will be the person making certain everything is in place and happening at the right time. Your bring a homey feeling to others and a comfortable style even though you tend to appear business-like in your dress and demeanor—a great balance to achieve. 22/4s have a particularly powerful presence. Feel like you’re constantly being thrown off balance? Talk with Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146 to see how you can regain your footing and remain balanced.

Personality #5

You are often the person at center stage whether at home, at work or in public. Others are fascinated by your fashion flair and you may have some degree of flamboyance or free-spiritedness in your appearance because of your creative abilities. You naturally draw others to you, and they enjoy basking in your energy.

Personality #6

You project the lovely flow of the 3 Personality combined with the friendly ease and caring qualities of the 2. You are lovely in both appearance and your care and tender approach to others. People rely on you to be there for them, and if they are doing this respectfully and responsibly as well, you tend to be totally selfless and giving. 33/6 personalities have a mastery of these energies.

Personality #7

You project a mysterious, spiritual and often intellectual quality to others. You may be seen as a philosopher, and you might appear more “removed” from others than you realize. You enjoy your thought processes and have a lot to offer. If you focus on looking “out” at others as much as you look within, they will really enjoy your wisdom and thoughtfulness. Feel like you’re completely disconnected from others? Talk with Psychic Elliot ext. 5862 to see how you can open up and allow people to get closer.

Personality #8

You project a natural ability to lead, build lasting structures and organizations, and have a generally competent air. You have the infinity sign figure of the 8 as your guide to reaching others. Your image and appearance has a consistency and appearance that others find truly appealing. You are seen as strong and capable.

Personality #9

Your Personality Number makes you the performer on the stage like the 5, but you may well have the focus and attention of others as a teacher, philosopher or religious leader. You project the harmonious image of 3s and 6s with the ability to take others on journeys of the soul or the imagination and bring them home to themselves.

“Whatever it is that is causing you stress, most likely it is there to teach you a lesson. If you are feeling continued stress, then you aren’t paying attention. Sometimes the truth stings a bit.” – Psychic William ext. 5131

48 thoughts on “Numerology: What Is Your Personality Number?

  1. Paul Anthony Smith

    I have been told that I have no debt karma, and will accomplish great hights.there is nothing in my way.

  2. Terri

    For all you people who are not getting this because of the letter Y, the letter Y = 7. It is not considered a vowel. You are also supposed to use your birth name, not your married name. If you all look at the chart with the letters that equal numbers you will see that Y=7. It is really a very simple task. I wish all of you the best of luck to figure this out. I hope this will help some of you that are finding this so difficult. Really it is very simple. I myself cannot stand math, it was my worst subject in school. This is so simple if you follow the directions. Great Luck figuring this out.

  3. Billie Schwarz

    hi isabel wow hun somewhere u lost confedence it’s your space on earth not the stars and u can change this oh my goodness yes u can u seem like a smart young woman .be around smart people .have faith in you i can hear you in there come on out and injoy this time .i will be thinkingof u and maybe that may give u some energy ??

  4. Cheryl

    Excuse me, but a few people have tried to “help” others figure out their personality numbers, but they themselves haven’t followed the directions. The directions specifically state “apply the corresponding number (below) to each consonant only” which means omit vowels. Look at the example, there are no numbers added for the vowels in Obamas name. I agree with virgo2757, where there are no clear indicators as to the “y” being a vowel or consonant, as the rule says “sometimes y”. It would have been much clearer for everyone if their “letters to numbers” simply omitted the vowels all together.

  5. Lorna

    When I read the directions I took it has only adding the consonants, no vowels. This makes a difference as to what your number is in most cases.

  6. Debra Leah Brickey

    Does this mean a 33/6 person
    relates best in relationship with a 33/6 person and a 6 person?
    Or are other numbers complimentary.
    While it is interesting to understand what number I am.
    It is not informative what numbers interact best with what numbers?
    Obviously other elements of personality influence a personality profile.
    Just curious.

  7. Mika

    Thank you! I found the information insightful. Its always good to look at yourself in a different “light”..good day”)

  8. Maggie

    Apparently most pople asking wha their number is can not read directions.

    #1 Your name must be your FULL NAME frm your BIRTH CERTIFICATE…so ladis, if you have been married…USE YOUR MAIDEN LAST NAME!

    #2 Each letter corresponds to a number on the chart. Example:

    1= A J S
    2= B K T
    3= C L U
    4= D M V
    5= E N W
    6= F O X
    7 =G P Y
    8= H Q Z
    9= I R

    If your name on your birth certificate is:

    M a y J a n e J o n e s
    4+1+7 = 12 1+1+5+5=12 1+6+5+5+1=18

    Then add the totals from all 3 names: 12+12+18=42 Then add 4+2=6

    YOUR NUMBER IS A 6 if your name is May Jane Jones!

    It is that easy. Most people want to make this way too compicated. You could get the same result by adding up your full name total without breaking it down to your First, Middle, and Last name from your birth certificate.

    You could just add it all together at once:
    4+1+7+1+1+5+5+1+6+5+5+1=42 then add 4+2=6

    I hope this helps those of you who got los trying to find your personaltiy number.

  9. jawed khan

    HI There,
    My full name is Jawed Iqbal Khan,very often people call me JAWED.Please send me my personality

  10. robert yankevicz

    to everyone having a problem figuring out your number. you take your full name ex. ALICE ANN SMITH. you go to every letter in your name and assign a corresponding number that you find in the chart that was provided. for example..ALICE would be A=1, L=3,I=9,C=3,E=5. ANN would be A=1,N=5,N=5. and SMITH is S=1,M=4,I=9,T=2,H=8. now total all the numbers in the groups. ALICE=21,ANN=11 and SMITH=24. now take these groups of numbers and add them all together and you get 56. take 56 and add 5+6 and you get 11. take 11 and get 2. your personality number is 2.

  11. Russell

    They use Obama to determine the President’s personality number. They say to go by your birth name on the certificate. The problem here is that he was not born Obama. I know his first name was Barry but I forgot his middle and last so this he IS NOT a 6!

  12. shelly

    This is for ellen or is it helen, anyway you need to add the 1 and 5 together to get 6 so one of you is a 6 personality. The other one that comes to 11 needs the 1 plus 1 added to get 2 so the 11 is a 2 personality. Hope you get to see this message and that it was helpful. shelly

  13. Ruth Selee

    I don’t get all that numerology stuff. I don’t know what my personality number,etc. is. I would like to know how I fare.

  14. barry l

    This is confusing or is it just my nightmarishly horrible math skills, or lack of, rearing it’s ugly head in my life again, how do you add it up,,someone help!!

  15. isabel

    Personality number 1

    I don’t know why astrology and numerology persists on mocking me by forever telling me I’m a leader. I couldn’t lead a pencil through a sharpener. I’m not very responsible except for my actions, which are limited due to my lack of self-confidence. In a group setting, I’m the loser. Nobody would even come to me to baby-sit their kids. I will never have a seat at the Jack Sheppard table. What is making the stars so confused and wrong about me?

  16. Bonita

    I always help other in need I do not know why I help other I pray one day to win the lottery I know if I win I will pay my tithes to my church I just need to know if I will win my birthday is 7/23/64.

  17. joseph

    is it necessary to calculate a date of birth before someone can fixed for relationship. i believe as soon as someone is above 18th years of age he/she can be in love but what really matter most is that 1. Level of Understanding, Adaptability to any challenges, self control finally love.Now am 30years old tell me your word of advice

  18. ramesh kumar singla

    I could not understood the methed used to explain numerology methed.Pleare explain it more simply and exhaustively.

  19. lovinder Kumar



  20. virgo2757

    Apologies if this seems like a dumb question, but is the “Y” counted as a consonant or a vowel? If I treat the “Y” in my name as a vowel and leave it out, my personality number comes down to a “1.” If I include the “Y” as a consonant, my number becomes an “8”. Based on the descriptions, I feel that I’m more of an “8” than a “1”, so I would guess that I should include the “Y”. Thanks for any info you can give me!

  21. Thelma Kennedy

    William, I would like to know what my Numerology # is . I think it is 3 but could you check it to be sure my maiden name is Thelma Ruth Hutchins. Thank You! Thelma


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