Virgo: The 10 Commandments of the Perfectionists

When is Perfect too Perfect, Virgo?

I am the stereotypical Virgo—a perfectionist, responsible and introverted. We also tend to be observers who over-analyze everything, sometimes to a fault. In general, we can be pretty hard to please because of the high standards we set for others and ourselves.

From my experience of being a Virgo and knowing other Virgos, there are 10 commandments that one should consider to make the Virgo in their life content:

1. Procrastination: Thou Shall Not Put Things Off

Don’t put things off until the very last minute. We never do that, and it makes us very nervous when you do. Virgos can’t understand how people could procrastinate so much. We derive much pleasure from planning our future and getting things done.

2. Planning: Thou Shall Always Have a Plan

If we are going to do something together, let’s make a plan. Virgos tend to dislike “winging it.” We want to know where we are going, when we are leaving, how we will get there and what to bring.

3. Calendaring: Thou Shall Write Down Appointments

When we tell you something important, especially if it is a special date or location, please write it down. Otherwise, we will remind ourselves to remind you.

4. Routines: Thou Shall Have and Respect Routines

Be aware of our routines and don’t mess with them. Most Virgos have morning and night rituals that they need to complete. In fact, we have many to-do lists and mental checklists.

5. Punctuality: Thou Shall Be on Time or Early

Why show up on time when you can show up early? We always do, so we will be there to greet you. Punctuality is very attractive to us because it shows us that you respect our time.

6. Orderliness: Thou Shall be Clean and Organized

Put things were they should go. Leaving things on our desk, our bed, et cetera drives us nuts because everything has its right place. We like to clean, organize, file and perform other seemingly monotonous tasks.

7. Distractions: Thou Shall Limit Distractions Immediately

We always sweat the small stuff. For example, if your glasses have smudges and/or fingerprints on them, please wipe them clean or else we will stare at that while you are talking instead of concentrating on what you are saying.

“It’s all about distraction.” – Shyla ext. 5431

8. Humor: Thou Shall be Careful When Joking Around

Be careful with joking around. Virgos really take things to heart, so make sure you do not prod at their soft spots. For example, I get truly offended by short jokes even though I love my petite stature and wouldn’t change it for anything.

9. Clarity: Thou Shall be Clear About Goals and Expectations

Be clear about your intentions with us. Reassurance is highly valued. We tend to be critical and untrusting of people until they earn a spot in our lives. Once you are in the inner circle, we truly open up.

“Meditate, pray or just think in depth, writing down what you have discovered.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484

10. Honesty: Thou Shall Love Us or Leave Us

If you love us, tell us. If you don’t love us, let us go. We will grant you the same respect because we dread wasting time, especially when it comes to our love lives.

Now, I know this list is probably making us Virgos seem all high and mighty, but we really do have our own negative characteristics that we are dealing with too. Our main weaknesses are that we are often cold and inflexible. Fortunately, we are driven to be as “perfect” as we can be, so once we notice our flaws interfering with our lives, we will take action to remedy them. Virgos solve their problems in a myriad of ways: getting therapy, calling a psychic, making plans, taking classes, creating lists, reading books, doing research, cleaning house and much more. If you find yourself in a relationship with a Virgo, consider yourself special and be proud because we are  mighty hard to catch!

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3 thoughts on “Virgo: The 10 Commandments of the Perfectionists

  1. Bella

    AMEN TO THAT THEM BI LAWS GOOD GREAT JOB LOL LOL AND DOWN TO THE “” T “” tooooooo good article … thank you for your insights …. bella … 🙂

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice insight into the Virgo sign, Melody Lee !

    I’m not a stereotypical Virgo, but, still, a Virgo .

    I’d say that most of this resonates though, especially # 5, for me anyway.


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