Your Weekend Forecast for June 28 – 30, 2013

What’s Doin’ This Weekend?

The moon is void of course on Friday (Pisces) before it enters Aries on Saturday morning. It is as if the moon enters a tunnel and when it exits, it is in the next sign. There is a dreamy side to this energy that does not lend itself to the practical aspects of life. Thank goodness it happens on Friday night and the worst that can happen is you cannot make up your mind about what to do on your upcoming date.


After the transition of the moon on Friday night comes an empowering feeling. Emotionally you are at the top of your game and ready for passionate love. Sunday night is going to be physical, so be prepared.


“Renew” is your weekend mantra. It is okay to do things over that you know are a sure thing. The renewing comes by adding a little twist to the food, event or way you work out. Sunday is a great day to tackle work on the house, indoors or out.


It is a wonderful weekend to process what was gathered over the past month. You waved good-bye to the Gemini sun last week, which empowered you throughout June. The Cancer sun and the Aries moon have you rocking emotionally. Enjoy the sway.


You are in your element, and it sure feels good. The tunnel effect gives you a chance to hit the pause button and regroup. By Sunday you will be ready to tackle whatever is on your schedule with vigor.


You emerge from your quiet space, finally, and friends and family are happy to see you. There is a fresh energy running though your veins and you are happy to be alive. Summer is officially here and you are basking in the sun.


What was old is now new again. Happy that this month is over, you connected with old friends and a love interest. It was worth the effort. Celebrate this weekend with passion.


It is your turn to be motivational. June was all about gaining insight into yourself. Now you can share your knowledge with a positive outcome. Timing is everything—a great lesson learned.


Being open to change makes for an exciting weekend. Taking charge is easy for you. Having a plan makes the weekend effortless to enjoy. It feels good being more spontaneous than your nature allows.


Riding an emotional roller coaster has been fun but not trouble-free. Well, it has finally come to a stop—passing through the void of course moon tunnel lands you on stable ground. There will be peace in all your relationships this weekend.


Gathering all you have learned this month has you ready for what is to come now that the sun is opposite your sun sign. With balance and harmony, loving feelings encompass your life and this weekend is only the beginning of all the good that is to come.


Everything is in order and you can relax. It was a long June. Your powers of expression are at a high point. Draw, paint, speak, write, or dance—this is a weekend of fun and merriment.


Take this weekend to prepare for creative endeavors. Emotionally, the sparks are flying and you are feeling the love bestowed upon you. Sunday is a grand day to get out and about exercising or working in the garden.

12 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for June 28 – 30, 2013

  1. Yvonne Lee

    I Have Someone In My Life, Younger Who I Love And Adore, We ConnectEd After Many Year Of Not Seeing Each Other.
    Our Relationship Is One That’s Not Being Excepted Maybe Because I Dated His Uncle From 89-94 He Was Very Abusive. My Life Was So Complete When His Nephew Was Around, Yet Much Younger I Never Allowed Anything To Happen He Was A Special Person To Me. I Moved Away In 94 Lost Contact From 94-2010, We Talked And He Expressed His Feeling For Me I Needed That I Was In A Verbally Abusive Relationship And Felt Love Was Not Meant For Me, This Person Was My Soulmate He Remembered Every Single Thing About Me. After Seeing Him Again Several Months Later He Now 31 Me A Young Looking 52 I Came To Life Again And Then My World CRashed He Began To Get Feed Back From Others About Us Seeing Each Other. Because Of His Uncle Who Has Been Married And In Another Relationship Over 19 Yrs Was Not Excepting This. My Mate Told Me We Would Keep It A Secret I Was Ok But Not Big In Secrets Plus His Ex Was Giving Him The Blues About Us And A Child He Had 7 Months Ago By Another. Now He Has Had A Life ThreatEning Experience And Wants Things To Go Back To The Way It Was He Said He Loves Me And Doesn’t Want Me To Leave His Life. I’m Dyeing Inside What To Do Stay, Go, Wait, Let Him Figure It Out. I Love Him More Then Life And I Feel He Feels The Same. He Is Tharus The Bull I Am A Leo. I Need Help

  2. Anat

    Well, it is Sunday around noon time. Last talked with my love interest was Last Thursday where he told me he needs to rethink our relationship even though he has a lot of feelings and admiration toward me. In short he needs a little time. I feel we are losing the momentum. Am I correct? Will we be together? I am a virgo He is a Sagittarius. Thank you for your advice. God Bless. Anat.

  3. donna

    You are so right, as a Pisces I feel the love bestowed upon me. I am so grateful. I found myself praying for that special mate today, will he find me?

  4. Dawn kingery

    Is the man I really love just taunting me by randomly popping back up a yr and a half later or does he truly want me? Or should I stay where I am with the man who is helping to raise my kids who I’m losing interest in since the ex popped back up

  5. Kimberly

    I’m Sagittarius , Capricorn rising and Scorpio moon or something. Pretty much I’m exactly like my sign, I move a lot I’m restless with anxiety and I have trouble sleeping, very athletic, my outward appearance to many people is that I have it all but that’s o far from the truth . My life since after I graduated from a university on an athletic scholarship across the country, then got married, divorced in 4 months, moved to Hawaii had a baby and moved back in with my parents at age 29 after living away from home since 17. Since I’ve been stuck here, I haven’t worked, though I graduated a surgical tech program but got a DUI and ruined my chance in medical field, and the worst part is I keep choosing selfish self centered men who cheat on me or use me it feels like. I just separated from one such man, he’s a libra but doesn’t act anything like it. Always right, explosive temper, unequal ex. he can do anything he wants but I can’t. The problem is my daughter loves him, my parents hate him and I’m missing him, the good times but it seems like there were more bad than good at the end. He’s trying to win me back but my family’s opinion is important to me. We have very similar ideas on spirituality, raising your frequencies, meditation, chakras, crystals etc, that’s the main reason I fell in love with him and sex is amazing. It’s hard to find people with my same beliefs especially in the town I live in. Since I have no car, its hard to meet people. Should I give him another chance? Or what sign is compatible for me, any suggestions where I might meet my souls partner? Sorry so long, I’m lonely.

  6. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi – Liz rose Nielsen – you wrote

    >>>>im concerned about a ggod friend,,,,,that moved to sunriver or,,,,its 3 hour away,,,,,,,he wanted me to stay in touch,,,,call once a week,,,,called ,,,and texted him like 6 times no answer back,,,,he always says he is happy to hear from me ,,,and misses me ,,as a friend,,,hope he is okay,,,,doesnt seem like him at all,,,he is aqurius,<<<<<<<

    he is very busy getting settled in. and right now mercury retrograde is in progress. so be patient. he will get back to you when has time.
    have a great weekend,

  7. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    hi – dawn matlock – you wrote

    >>>every thing,,,,but not sure if all is so real? Born Catholic, this is so taboo?<<<

    if it is a taboo, why are you reading these articles?
    I wish you peace of mind and a knowing of what you are doing so you may make the best decisions for your well being.

    Buddha bless,

  8. Liz rose nielsen

    im concerned about a ggod friend,,,,,that moved to sunriver or,,,,its 3 hour away,,,,,,,he wanted me to stay in touch,,,,call once a week,,,,called ,,,and texted him like 6 times no answer back,,,,he always says he is happy to hear from me ,,,and misses me ,,as a friend,,,hope he is okay,,,,doesnt seem like him at all,,,he is aqurius,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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