Text Fight: 25 Rules to Avoid Miscommunication

Don’t Get Sucked in to a Misunderstanding!

I’m guilty of it—texting a very serious question, texting to break up, texting an angry message and texting a sexy pic. We all know not to communicate these things through a text message, but we often cannot help ourselves. Waiting for a phone call or face-to-face time can take what feels like ages. With that said, try to resist the urge to text something that is better left un-texted. Here are 25 ways to avoid virtual miscommunication:

1. Realize that the meaning and tone of texts can easily be lost in translation. What is texted often does not reflect exactly what is meant. Read texts with a grain of salt.

2. Write what you want to text in a notepad first, and then refer back to it later to tell the person directly.

3. Look online at all the funny and disastrous texts gone wrong as a lesson not to repeat those same mistakes.

4. Can’t resist? Disable your texting or place a low maximum text allowance.

5. Ask a friend to approve a serious text before sending.

6. Recognize that texts have a tone AND an undertone. Make sure both communicate what you want to say.

7. Keep your texting light. Resist over-texting. Wait for replies before you send more messages.

8. Hold off a few minutes before pressing the send button. Let your message resonant for a moment in case you wish to change anything.

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9. If you have an iPhone, enable the “Read” feature so people know when you read their texts. This way, they don’t think you are avoiding them.

10. Put your phone down. Stop letting your life revolve around texting.

11. Make phone calls more often.

12. Make plans to see people more often.

13. Send an email instead of a text. Emails allow you to add more details and explanation in a more relaxed setting. It is more formal too, like a letter.

14. Apologize immediately in person after sending a mean or inappropriate text. Admit your texting mistakes.

15. Send fun texts. Keep it enjoyable.

16. Do not put your full name on texts just in case they get inadvertently shared.

17. Turn off your phone and leave it in your purse, in the car or at home. Not everybody has to know what you are doing at all times.

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18. Do not text exes unless absolutely necessary. I recommend deleting their number all together or write “Do Not Answer” instead of their names.

19. Show your partner your texts, or at least don’t hide texts. It looks suspicious.

20. Do not save texts. Delete them and clear your cache. You would not want your messages to fall into the wrong hands.

21. Less is more. Keep your texts shorter and sweeter.

22. Proofread and edit your texts before sending.

23. Be careful about AutoCorrect. Reread what you wrote to make sure it is accurate. AutoCorrect can make some pretty heinous and/or hilarious mistakes. Check your settings from time to time.

24. Make sure you know when you are replying to a group text in order to avoid sharing too much information.

25. Do not text when you are in a bad mood. Cool off and take deep breaths before bringing out your phone. Send logical texts, not emotional ones.

Hopefully, these insights about texting have made you reevaluate your etiquette. Thought it only takes a few seconds to send a text, that text can have long-term ramifications. Be more careful and calculated about what you send because there are no take-backs—only ways to avoid miscommunication in the first place. Call a psychic if you think you have a texting problem. They can offer individualized guidance on how to make texting a more positive experience for you.

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3 thoughts on “Text Fight: 25 Rules to Avoid Miscommunication

  1. Rivers ext. 5273Rivers, Ext. 5273

    For many, texting has become the shield to hide behind when you don’t want confrontation. Or it’s become the preferred way of breaking up with someone. Imagine what getting that Dear John letter by text would feel like! How many times has someone canceled plans on you by text without a real explanation of why or when they will call you again. Or how about you send a text and patiently wait for a response that never comes. Ever been on a date and the other person spends more time texting than getting to know you?

    The biggest yet most unnoticed drawback to texting is the lack of passion and understanding that gets lost in the technocology. With face to face conversation, you unconsciously communicate so much through body language and tone of voice; something you just can’t appreciate through a text. Wouldn’t you feel closer to someone who’s loving voice say’s I love you with passion and conviction as opposed to a text with a smiley face! Is it any wonder that our most intimate relationships seem to be lacking that passion we all desire?

    I challenge you to become more conscious of selecting your communication methods. Make face to face or at least voice to voice phone conversations a priority of choice for those important calls that require an immediate answer or need clarification. Remember that it’s easier to ignore answering someone when texting than it is when your talking. Become aware of your texting habits and you can start to improve your relationships in general. Don’t be afraid to tell your significant other that you like to hear the sound of their voice. Be courtious to your date and turn the phone off so he/she knows that your really interested in hearing what they have to say. All it takes is a conscious choice to be aware of your texting habits to start making the changes that will improve all your important relationships.

    Ext. 5273

  2. Chuck

    Wow how true is this, a little over 3 years ago I met the most beautiful women in the universe. We were both involved in other relationships. I had never text before this time. She kept texting me 8 to my one text to her. There was a large age difference between us about 15 years, she was 35 and I was older. We became very close in a short time. She would send me pictures in a text and without knowing it at first I was falling in love with this women. We have loved one another with texts and argued with texts. It became much easier to say what we wanted in a text than face to face especially the mean things. We slowed down on texting and have more phone or face to face conversations. There are a lot of misunderstandings when you mean one thing and type another. Its all in the details of the text. Her and I are still together and we both still text. But face to face is a much better.


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