Your Weekend Forecast for June 14 – 16, 2013

Who’s Your Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day weekend! Get ready to celebrate the men in our lives who have delivered love to our souls. It is also Flag Day (June 14) as we honor the symbol of freedom with pride in our hearts. The Virgo moon shows us with a keen eye how to precisely present our love for our fathers. In addition, the last-minute gift shopping is like magic as the right gift appears.


Get your soapbox out so you can stand above the crowd declaring your feelings for those you love. Family is gathered, so let the fun begin. You are ready to be alone with your lover on Sunday night and unwind from all the hoopla.


Taking some time alone gives you the energy to tackle the weekend’s events. Work has been especially difficult and all you want to do is chill out—sorry, not going to happen. In the end you are happy that you went along with the festivities.


Original, up front and center stage, this weekend is lovely beyond compare. Your energy is high and you share your wealth of love openly. Sunday is a very passionate day for you as you remember events that took place in the past, giving you experiences to share.


This is a real OMG weekend for our emotional Cancer. It feels like you are being picked apart. Turning this into a positive vibration is going to take focus, understanding and lots of love. After the events of the weekend are over you will see that there was more good found, helping you to stay positive.


“Stabilize” is your weekend mantra. Usually you are pretty together but the effects of the Virgo moon have you fragmented. Do things that give you a cohesive vibration. This will make for smoother emotional energy as you move through the weekend.


Pinching yourself to see if you are awake and in love is leaving you black and blue. It is real—you’re loved and in love. Working out the details—like where you are both going to live and how fast can you get there—make for a fun weekend of planning and playing.


This moon is rocking your world—in a good way. Everything you need to say comes out. On Friday night, a deep conversation sets the stage for a fun weekend. It is a family-style weekend and that is right up your alley.


Keeping an open mind helps you to absorb information that you did not see coming. This is a weekend of psychic truth and hardheaded realism—what a blend of energy. Faced with a situation only you can resolve proves to have you at your best.


If you take things for granted you will be in a position for a big surprise. Do not be worried—it’s all good. Nothing you can do will stop this change from occurring. Just go with the flow and you will see how lovely this weekend will be.


Working this weekend (at least part time) puts some big bucks in your pocket. There will be plenty of time to play after the work is done. Celebrations are in order, and your family takes care of all the preparations while you work.


Your level of awareness is so high right now your mind seems like a computer. Being able to absorb facts and put them to use makes you the party planner for the weekend’s activities. Keeping it all nice and neat makes it easy and fun to enjoy people, making you the host/hostess of the year.


Life moves faster than you would like sometimes, yet this is one weekend where you put this fast pace to use. Having a new experience adds to your deep, worldly knowledge. You are like a sponge soaking up all the good stuff.

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