2013 Year of the Snake: More to Come?

Mid-Way Through the Snake Year 2013

As I reflect on the Year of the Snake, what comes to mind is the book The Little Prince. There is a drawing in that book of a snake that has eaten an elephant. Once the boa swallows the elephant, it takes six months to digest, and since we are halfway through the year, we too have so much left to digest.

Here is what the rest of the snake year means for your animal:


Being sot after in business endeavors as well as in love and creative venues has taken you to the halfway point of completing great things. Getting to this point was the hardest part. The rest of the year will prove to be successful and accomplished.


Taking your time has never been your problem. With all the information in, you are now in the process of selecting what you want to keep and what you need to let go of. Being careful not to waste is your main concern.


There was some discomfort as you are one to be very active and like to roam as you please. At this mid point you are feeling restless and it is important to use wisdom in your decisions. Getting rid of the few extra pounds from the winter months proves to be a challenge.


You are feeling quite happy as the year progresses by gathering new and exciting avenues to walk on. This leaves you to do as you please for the rest of the year. It is a strong finish to the end with prosperity from your creativity.


Being full of good thoughts brings you to the summer months where you get to take the vacation to end all vacations. By the time you get home you will be ready for work with renewed vigor and a bright outlook for the rest of the year.


With a large bounty of success, you are in the process of putting everything in place so that you can have a good plan for the rest of the year and then some. You are sharp, wise and willing to help those you love, making for a lovely finish to your year.


It has been a hard six months full of a lot of responsibility. The next phase of the year involves you unloading and lightening up your saddlebags. Now you have time to run and play. Happy summer, dear horse. Next year is all yours.


Absorbing all the knowledge that you could took all your attention the first part of the year. Now is the time to put that knowledge to use by sharing it. Little by little, the plans you have to use your wisdom come to light.


You laughed, you cried, and you had temper tantrums that got the attention of others. This put you up front and center stage with your antics. At this point, your humor and wit have the consideration of others hot on your trail in the work realm.


Finding yourself sorting out a mess that was not necessarily made by you has you very busy. Your keen eye for knowing what is right in an artistic way helps to put a project on the fast track for success.


Spending the first half of the year teaching gave you a wealth of insight into your own place in the world. You get back as good as you gave and so, my dear dog, the rest of this year will be full of love and knowledge that is very valuable.


Love hit you hard this year and planning for the wedding and honeymoon is on the drawing board. Sharing so much of yourself gave you a new look at life and as the year moves forward you like yourself even more.

5 thoughts on “2013 Year of the Snake: More to Come?

  1. Betty Acunas

    Thank you for sharing this article! I don’t want to depend my horoscope, but I think this is also a guideline what will happen for me this year.

  2. psychic quinn 5484

    hi Miss Krystal,
    you are very welcome… good to see you. I hope you are enjoying your spring almost summer.
    metta waves~~~

    hi gary,
    sorry I cannot post over the weekend – sure hope you hit your lucky numbers.
    thanks for posting.

    dear Gemini,
    you are so right! what’s the point!

    have a great week everyone.

  3. Gary

    Hi, my question is what is horoscope for the month of august 7, 1953, and please give me my lucky numbers for tonight power ball with power play and Indiana hoosier lottery for tonight on June 15, 2013 PLEASE, if success then I promise you I will be joining you & even give you a call tomorrow ok, Thanks ans greatly appreciate your time & understanding, & I live off of SSD, which only small amount on monthly basics from government, Thanks again Gary

  4. Gemini

    HI! Quinn, I am a boar/pig, as for the prediction love has not hit me hard. I am afraid this
    is a mistake. This year it has been really hard to fine my life partner. It seems all the
    men no matter what age they are have so much baggage (problems). And they are only
    looking for a meal ticket. All I am trying to find is a man who is settled, responsible, and
    looking towards the future. It is really discouraging. I really do not want to be 90 yrs old
    when I do find that special person. I mean whats the point?


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