Grow From Your Darkest Moments

Reach Your Highest Potential

Do you sometimes feel as if the world (and other people) are out to get you? Do you occasionally become so overwhelmed with thoughts of what needs to get done that you become paralyzed by fear of failure? Do you feel as if you no longer have control over your destiny and you can’t find a way to put things back into place?

These are all signs of experiencing an extremely stressful moment in your life. The bad news is, once your body has triggered your hormones, and has placed your body on a level-five alert, there is little you can do to turn it off. Meditation is one way to ease stress. However, stress can be morphed into positive energy with the right outlook and attitude. Let’s look how you can turn your darkest moment into your greatest triumph.

Good vs. Bad Stress

One way to turn bad stress into good is to understand how stress affects the body. When a dark moment shadows your life, your pulse quickens, your senses heighten and your body begins to shut down other internal processes (digestion, etc.) so that you can focus on the problem at hand.

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When you do nothing about these reactions other than worry, you create a constant state of panic and sensitivity, which will only work to diminish the body’s energy and immune system. This wears you down, making you more susceptible to health problems. In a sense, that dark moment has just become even darker.

Good stress is when you take those feelings of panic and sensitivity and use them as motivation to get the job done. Rather then become paralyzed in defeat and panic, that extra energy is used to push the body to think more creatively, find solutions and put forth the action to make the situation better. In a sense, stress can be the force that drives the human spirit to triumph. However, you’ll need to take hold of the reins to get there.

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Positive Thinking

A lot of good has been said about positive thinking. In this case, there are ways you can think about a dark situation so that it becomes a call to action, rather than a sign of defeat. Here’s how to change you thinking from stressful and negative to productive and positive:

Tunnel Vision: People who focus on their problems have a hard time seeing a solution. They have a one-track mind, focusing and sitting with what is wrong. Move beyond your problem and focus on how it can be solved. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Victim Syndrome: We tend to see ourselves as being more ethical and intelligent than the average person. When things don’t go our way, we automatically feel as if we have been slighted and are no way at fault. Don’t allow yourself to play the victim. It opens the door to other destructive behavior and that won’t solve anything.

Loss of Faith: Faith drives many of us to greatness. However, when that faith is challenged by a moment of darkness and despair, it is easy to lose it, along with your strength. Don’t let go of your faith! You are going to need it to get through a dark time.

Under Pressure: Some people think that putting their life on a schedule is a great way to get things done. However, a schedule can create a lot of unnecessary stress and it can also mean you’re more likely to forgo other important aspects of your life, like sleeping, having a loving relationship and eating well.

Martyrdom: Depriving yourself of food and sleep is suffering. It also zaps your determination and self-control. Don’t sacrifice yourself because it won’t make things better.

A dark moment can be the force that brings life as you know it to an end, or it can encourage you to make the necessary changes to learn and grow. It has been said a million different ways, but you can’t avoid the darkness just before the dawn.

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  1. Stevie x5778

    Very nicely said. We all need to keep this in mind. Personally this is very relevant to my experience now. Shall print this and post it everywhere in the house!

    Thank you Eric 🙂


  2. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    I really enjoy , in particular, any article that deals with overcoming stress and/or fear.

    Great article, Eric.


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