Your Weekend Forecast for May 31 – June 2, 2013

Fasten Your Seatbelt!

This is a fast paced, heart-stopping weekend. The Gemini Sun and the Pisces Moon give an energy that keeps us on our toes. It can be confusing, bringing a thought-provoking vibe that allows us to look at our life and make necessary changes. The wheels in our heads keep turning, and we have no time to rest. Sunday, the Aries Moon warms us, yet keeps the thoughts about change up front.


Loyalty is making a mark on your thought process. Who are you needing to reassure that you are there for them? It feels like you are playing the game of “Survivor” which could be fun if the bounty is worth it.


Try not to be vague in your approach to dealing with loved ones. If you are not sure what to say, keep still. Being the one who holds the fort down, most of the time you are trusted and your silence will be seen as comforting.


Sharpen your pencils, be it for writing or drawing. This weekend you are at your best for creative actives. Touching others with your artistic process brings you as much joy as you bring others. “Clarity” is your weekend mantra.


Inner vibrations, initiation and a feeling of knowing spurs you on to do something you have never done before. Maybe it is time to buy some Tarot cards or a book about numbers. Your spirituality takes on an intelligent energy.


Casting a spell on loved ones come naturally. You get attention, so use it wisely and gain insight from what you bestow on others. This weekend be careful not to play any games with other’s hearts.


“Purpose” is your weekend mantra. Use what you have to make what you want happen. It is a time when your strength comes to the surface and others take notice, giving you the opportunity to make life better.


Finding your voice and keeping your balance make for a very interesting few days. Sunday is your strongest day, so hold out until then to make choices and decisions. What you put out will be used for the greater good.


Wanting to delve into your creative side even surprises you. That’s the effect of the Pisces moon on your yearning for discovering more about yourself. Heartfelt feelings emerge and you work tirelessly to accomplish all you can.


Hone your instant impressions. Take a deeper look at who and what you are seeing. As fast as the energy is flowing, you need to examine the situation: the people involved, the choices to make or what to add to the issues at hand.


Do you commit or keep your independence? Dreaming and making things happen go hand in hand. You can put your creative mind to work with your organizational skills and have a successful conclusion.


Reaching out to those you love helps to calm down a rough situation. You are the voice of reason. Do not put on the breaks. It is full steam ahead as you accomplish and heal the most stressful circumstances you have been faced with in a long while.


After two days of playing, Sunday brings a welcome change. You are not tired or worn out, giving you the opportunity to do an activity that you have been putting on the back burner for some time. Enjoy the new-found strength.

6 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for May 31 – June 2, 2013

  1. psychic quinn 5484

    hi – rebecca,
    this article is about the weekend astro forecast.
    i do not know what tarot cards or article you are talking about.
    write or call customer service.
    could be an oversite.
    let me know how it works out.

  2. rebecca

    I’m still waiting on the three tarot cards i chose. How long does it normally takes to get a response?

  3. psychic quinn 5484

    dearest bella,
    i am so happy you are home and recovering.
    i am also glad jc is being a good guy. he does love you, you know.
    the house will get sorted out when you are up to it.
    as for the chit chat people reading your stuff… like the old song goes
    “let’s give em something to talk about”.
    at least make the chit chat juicy.
    loves ya lots.

  4. Leonard Morgan

    I like your forecasts, espec. with receiving some financial money owed to me and is long overdue to me. I have been Honest & dedicated, but a V.A. Bd. Chief has used considerable Dishonesty against me since 1999, with intentional dishonesty

  5. Bella

    HEY Ms. Quinn , my surgery went good I have over 40 + stitches … my left eye / face iis very swollen .. I got moved but 2 my surgery my new house is a wreck .. lol the paiin medication is good though .. PSPS I 4 got 2 say about 2 weeks ago JC came back into my life , I’m still trying 2 sorte HIM / OR it out with my move / surgery going on .. FYI just like I HAD thought it looks like maybe some one was reading OUR mail / chit chats. after ALL .. lol lol “” it is what it is “” xoxo ((( QUINN))) xoxo Bellaa AS always many bblessings 2 you & 2 yours .. 🙂 🙂


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