Psychic Morgana: What Are Your Past Lives?

Your Past Lives Are Calling

Although I’m a firm believer in the concept that we need to focus on this lifetime to fully learn our lesson, I also know that our past lives influence our current lifetimes. Sometimes we experience past-life carryover of issues that we need to look at to assist us in this lifetime. Sometimes a favorite period will remain encoded in our beings, presenting itself as a hobby or interest.

I know this from personal experience. I confess, I’m a Rennie! I play and love at the local Renaissance Faire! Something about the music and the costuming just sings to my soul! This is partially because I’ve spent numerous lifetimes in the British Isles—specifically Ireland, which seems to be a location and genetic preference of mine.

So in a sense, “playing faire” gives me a sense of homecoming. I often find while working with clients that the lifetimes that stand out the most also tie into their current interests. I have a client that was very interested in any lifetime I could pick up on, so as I always do, I put out the energy for a lifetime appropriate and relevant to her current lifetime.

I received an entire “story” of her lifetime as a Native American, specifically tied into the “conquest” of America and then another in the French and Indian war. She was blown away and confessed to a lifetime OBSESSION with Native American culture and spirituality.

I recently spoke with a gentleman that was very interested in learning what past lives he may have had. The imagery of Knights Templar kept coming up repeatedly, and I honed in on one specific lifetime. He was blown away because after I elaborated about what I saw, he confessed that he had felt called to this period in history and was currently researching the Templars and planning a trip to France to explore!

As it so happens, that lifetime was relevant to his current romantic situation as well. By looking at what your past lives are trying to tell you, you can not only find greater enjoyment in this lifetime, but also use the information to excel in your “lessons.”

4 thoughts on “Psychic Morgana: What Are Your Past Lives?

  1. Abigail Ex 9570

    Dear Jackie,
    It is the grief that has thrown you off track. You are not stuck unless you believe you are stuck. Everyone makes mistakes instead of focusing on the past mistakes focus on the good things and what you can do for yourself in the now to create a better future. Your Rick does not want you sad or upset. He says he knows you will snap out of it.

    Big Hugs you have so many good things about you celebrate those.

    Many Blessings

  2. jackie

    Ifeel like Iam stuck in a rut and see no end to it.Ifeel like I am meant to live life of hell and can not find a way out of it I feel since my hubby Rick has died Ihave screwe up more than once and see no end to it I AM HOPING THINGS ARE GOIN GET BETTER PLEASE HELP jACKIE

  3. Lori

    Hi Morgana
    Just read your article on Your Past lives are Calling, thanks to people like you that will delve into this topic, I just recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about this. She is from Newfoundland, Belle Island, she honestly believes she was either Native Indian or an Eskimo in her past life she is obsessed with these cultures. I’ve known for along time what era’s I was from, Medieval, 18th Century United Kingdom, Native Indian, somewhere in there Chinese many centuries ago. I feel whatever your attracted to in the present and really holds a speical place in your heart, there has to be a connection 100% true.

    Thanks Lori


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