Stop Dating Them

Find the Perfect Partner and Stop Picking Bad Ones

If you’re tired of disappointing and dead-end relationships, it’s time to make a change. Instead of feeling like the victim in your romantic choices, take responsibility for what you are projecting and attracting. Through internal work and discipline, you can break free from the negative pattern you’ve fallen into!

Following Your Gut

Our inner voice or compass will never steer us wrong, if we choose to actually listen to it! Often people become comfortable in an unhealthy environment, fearing change or loss more than unhappiness. This fear can override your intuition, squashing that inner voice trying to guide you in the right direction. If you have been doing this for some time, it may be difficult to tune in to the counsel of your sensible, inner self. Try meditation and reflection upon that solid and peaceful place inside of you until you rediscover your inner guide. Once you have activated it, keep it active in everything you do, especially in your relationship or interactions with potential mates.

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Breaking Free From Unhealthy Patterns

If you are attracting a type, it’s something you are doing, whether you are conscious of it or not. Recognizing what you are projecting and what types of partners you are attracted to is the first step towards change. Often, low self-esteem comes into play, with the individual feeling like they don’t deserve a better mate. Childhood issues and negative parental figures can also affect whom you attract and are attracted to. Once you can see this unhealthy pattern you will be able to break it as long as you are willing to do the work. This means developing your self-esteem and realizing that you deserve someone who is good for you and who truly makes you happy.

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If you are bringing your negative past into your current mate choices, make the determination to move forward from that unhealthy behavior. Choose a new pattern in your relationships—one built on strength, positivity, dedication and love.

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