Your Weekend Forecast for April 19 – 21, 2013

A Weekend for Clearing

With the Sun shinning high in the sky, we welcome Taurus, bringing appreciation, pleasure-loving, kind and determined energy to life. Our lovely Leo Moon also adds more grounded and steadfast vibrations to the weekend. The Moon then walks over to Virgo on Saturday where we get to analyze our emotional well-being. Holding back will cause setbacks so let it all out, because this is a weekend for clearing.


Friday evening comes and your mind is racing out of control. There is so much to do in preparation for a friend’s surprise birthday party. Enlist the help of others and delegate the tasks that are most pressing. The party will turn out perfect.


Happy Birthday! Another year to smile about is in front of you. This weekend you put away projects that are more like work and go out with friends for some fun. Friday afternoon or early evening is a perfect time for a hair appointment.


Having your sibling planet, Virgo, placed in the emotional Moon has you jumping into details with perfection. Mindfulness encompasses you as you take to the computer and bang out some great pieces of written work. Spilling your guts relieves you of any pressure you have been feeling.


It is time for a new pet. Even if you have one, the feeling of adding to the family is overwhelming. Check out the local adoption agencies because there is a cuddly ball of fur waiting for you. The rest of the weekend you will be getting your new friend acclimated.


When emotions and intellect meet, you have a day just like this Friday. Try not to let one override the other as you go about your business. Make sure you want to follow through with the plans that were made and double check that all involved agree.


This will be a very earthy weekend and once Friday night passes you find yourself in your element. The fine details to a project that you are involved in summon you to finish up. Accomplishments bring a sense of pride and you will enjoy the fruits of your hard work.


Starting a new business or job this past week makes the weekend even better. You get to take a break from all the thinking, planning and learning you have been doing and just have some fun. A surprise phone call makes you very happy.


A powerful vibration brings about change. With the help of a loved one, you uncover a solution to a problem that you have been worried about for quite a while. The situation solidifies your love life and your mind emerges with clarity.


You met a person who you really like—they started the car, but took their foot off the gas. What the heck happened? A little whiplash perhaps…. Do not look back! It only hurts to think that a relationship could have happened. Go out and try again because love is just around the corner.


Putting the breaks on a relationship was something you could not avoid. Friendships take you awhile to settle into and it broke your heart to let this one go. On the positive side, you now have more room for other people in your busy life.


Only time will tell if you made the right decision. This weekend you ponder your choices and realize the outcome will be successful. There are new and wonderful opportunities brought to you via friends, so have fun and take a close look at the prospects offered.


Working over the weekend is usually not your cup of tea, but the money made is funding your trip this summer, so take the work and go with the flow. It will plump up your bank account!

4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for April 19 – 21, 2013

  1. quinn ext 5484

    hi Lj,
    i have been without a pet for almost five years now. first time ever in my whole life. dont miss hocking up hair balls, picking up poop, kitty litter and spending so much money on fancy food for the pets.
    had cats and dogs – grandma had a monkey, lol really. geese, a dog and cats and a big duck. the monkey once while i teased it with a bananna stuck its little hand out of the cage and grabbed me. boy did i scream.
    for now being petless is okay. i miss the cuddles and the kisses but not taking care of animals.
    anyway. plantes are living things that require care too and as my one snake plant grows i talk to it and clean its leaves with care.
    have a great weekend Lj.

  2. LJ

    I do love my roommates’ pets like my own, but I’ll settle for some new life in the gardening department – seeds I planted two weeks ago are now springing to life and I’m an excited parent. Thanks Quinn. I can’t start the weekend without your weekend forecast. 🙂

  3. quinn ext 5484

    dear bella,
    life is ever changing… thank you for your kind words.
    have a beautiful weekend.

  4. bella

    Ms. Quinn,

    I could NOT of said IT better AMEN, YEAH it broke MY heart about DOING the letting GO thing with the JC thing, BUT 4 NOW YES IT IS/was 4 the Best thing 4 me 2 DO, BECAUSE NOT ONLY WAS I just NOT FEELING IT/I WAS NOT seeing IT !!! “” IT IS WHAT IT IS “” , Thank You Ms Quinn 4 this NICE weather weekend Love forecast xoxo (((Quinn))) AS always i wish many blessings 2 YOU & 2 YOURS, luv ya xoxo Bella 🙂


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