New Poll: Have You Ever Slept With a Co-Worker?

Office Relationships: Have You Done It?

As more and more people spend more and more time in the office, office relationships are happening more and more. Have you had a fling with a co-worker? If you have, how many times have you gone for it?

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Have you ever slept with a co-worker?

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One thought on “New Poll: Have You Ever Slept With a Co-Worker?

  1. Paula

    I’ve had too many experiences of witnessing the “entire process” from “flirtation” to full on meltdown when the relationships are discovered by upper management, (usually when it’s in the “end” phase!) to *ever* consider such a thing.
    It’s just way too messy and costs *everyone* in the end… The friends feel torn and it’s just not good karma…
    That being said: There are a *lot* of people who think they can get away with it – and that *might* be the allure!
    SMH… Sadly…


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