Your Weekend Forecast for April 12 – 14, 2013

Tackle the Weekend With Astrological Insights

Emotionally steady and grounded, we start the weekend with plans that have substance. Thank you, Taurus Moon. Saturday, the Moon breezes into Gemini and all the plans that were made take on another dimension. The Aries Sun keeps our heads cool and collected as we enjoy the solid plans as well as the surprises taking us to Monday.


This weekend is a high point for you, catching a cool breeze from the emotional Gemini Moon. Putting your feelings out front is not something you usually do and yet there is great satisfaction with this ability to share.


Do not let your horns get stuck with the rams—you could find yourself in a to-do with loved ones. Trying to prove your point comes easily and once proven, you get to relax. Earplugs or tuning into your music to block out distractions will be helpful.


Feeling frisky makes for a fun weekend where passion runs high and you are ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Getting out for a long walk or brisk run helps to clear your head of any misgivings from the long and tiresome workweek.


Do not shoot the messenger, news from an old source comes as a shock and you pack a bag and head out to take care of unfinished business. This clearing will help you to move forward and bring peace of mind. Coming home is the best part of the trip.


A game of cards, a chance at the races—buying into the pool of lottery players at work is a good idea. This is a great weekend for chance to be your friend. On a romantic note, do not forget birthdays or a special date, especially if you want the relationship to continue.


Enhancing your vocabulary before the week starts helps to put you in a place of knowledgeable energy. Your boss and co-workers are looking to you for wisdom and solutions. Use this weekend to smarten up.


Although you did not sign up for the tasks at hand, they prove to be enlightening. Meeting new people and making a great first impression help you to improve you social standing in your community.


Having an organizing consultant come into your home and help with the winter mess is just what you needed to brighten your weekend and the rest of the year. The help is productive, leaving you time for a movie and dinner out on Saturday night.


There is no time like the present to take care of unfinished house projects. A little paint and a little polish and the house looks ready for a fun-filled spring and summer. Bringing some new colors or lighting helps to highlight pictures that are ready to hang up.


If your thinking cap feels too tight, take it off and let your head rest. It has been a long week with lots of activity and you need to reboot. Going to your favorite restaurant helps you to unwind and so does getting some sleep.


Creative activity fills your weekend—giving art lessons to the locals or showing your work at a neighborhood fair brings happiness to your heart and a few extra dollars too. Friends call and want to plan a vacation. Dinner out will put the plans on the table.


Releasing negative energy lightens up your weekend. A long and deep meditation clears out the old, making room for the new. Having a desire to evolve within a relationship is on the top of your new list for the rest of the month, making this weekend very meaningful.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for April 12 – 14, 2013

  1. bella

    Dear Ms. Quinn,

    WELL jc called me AND I THINK he wants 2 come over AND I THINK I AM gonna need 2 think about IT ?? BECAUSE YOU HAVE SUGGESTED THAT WE TAKE OFF our thinking cap’s AS OF 2DAY !! LOL well, well WELL Ms. Quinn I THINK I’LL take YOUR Capricorn weekend forecast ADVICE 2 HEART THEN AND take mine OFF !! LOL sorry but I AM trying 2 BE good Ms. Quinn honest I AM, 😉 my ole my IT”S MIA TIME, lol ALL my (((Ms. Quinn))) , Bella xoxo 🙂 🙂 psps YOU DO believe me don’t YOU when I say I AM TRYING 2 be GOOD honest I AM ?? LOL lol Lordy How Mercy, ummm ummm ummm 😉

  2. quinn ext 5484

    ((bella))) thank you sweetheart for all your super support and love.

    Lj. nap time it is lol… purr
    loves ya,

    call the line and ask customer service for who is the best for your financial situation. they are great at knowing who is best for you.
    happy weekend,

    hugs and great readings to the weekend crew.

  3. LJ

    I’m glad I know my rising sign (cappy) ’cause this girl has had quite a long, exhausting week. obligations first, nap second LOL. thanks for another great horoscope Quinn.

  4. bella

    Thank You Ms. Quinn,

    I am still NOT seeing IT with the jc thing, LOL WE are not even talking NOW, OH well “” it is what it is “” !! Good spring break, nice & quiet just the way I like it !!! 🙂 (((Quinn))) LUV 2 ya FYI 2/ OR 4 ALL the none believer’s out there (even though I DON’T see the jc thing panning OUT YET everything else is straight) LOL, BUT I have been giving your name plenty OF shout outs 2 YOU, many blessings 2 you & 2 yours, xoxo Bella 🙂


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