10 Tips to Seal the Deal in Love

Turn Your Relationship Into Lasting Love

Finding a soulmate isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it’s possible to meet yours and screw things up so bad that not even your soulmate wants to be with you anymore. This is why it’s a good thing there are many second chances in life, and that there’s more than just one soulmate for most people. To tip the scales of love in your favor, here are 10 suggestions to better define yourself as someone’s happily ever after.

1. Know What You Want

A great relationship is 10 percent destiny, 40 percent effort, and 40 percent reciprocation. All this effort would be wasted unless you knew what you were looking for in a partner, which is why the final 10 percent is knowing what you want. Keep in mind that what you really want often has little to do with specific traits, and more to do with their influence, and ability (and desire) to bring out the best in you.

2. Get Out of Your Own Way and Improve Your Dating Allure

One of the biggest obstacles in life is… you. How you see yourself can influence the way your partner respects you. Don’t let your fear of failure determine an untimely end to your relationships. Discover how to love yourself before asking someone to do it for you.

3. Put in the Effort 

It takes a lot of work to keep someone for a lifetime. There will be many obstacles to overcome to maintain the same level of trust, affection, commitment and love. Many relationships start off on the right track, but make a wrong turn somewhere around expectation, boredom and resentment. This wouldn’t happen as often if couples would maintain the same amount of effort to keep their partner, as they did to impress them in the beginning.

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4. Be in the Moment

The success gurus say that multitasking is effective for everything, except that which requires your full attention. Think about that for a minute. That means multitasking is ineffective unless the task is monotonous and boring. Hopefully, this does not describe your relationship, and if you want to prevent it from being monotonous and boring, be sure to turn off your smart phone during dinner, ban your laptop from the bedroom and make an effort to be an active listener every time your partner has something important to say.

5. Reaffirm Your Committment

During the initial introductions of a relationship, it is recommended to stay away from the big questions, such as kids, finances and sex. However, after about nine months (longer for some), these same questions may help to reaffirm your commitment to each other by laying out the foundation (and deal breakers) for the future of your relationship.

6. Compromise

The word, compromise is a very important part of a relationship, yet nobody really wants to hear it said during an argument. In order to develop confidence in your relationship, you must avoid reminding your partner about the word, and just learn to listen, practice patience and take turns giving each other their way.

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7. Apologize and Forgive

It is rarely the argument itself that hurts a relationship, but rather the lack of an apology, or ability to forgive once it has been given. The importance of owning up to your wrongs cannot be overstated, as it will validate your partner’s feelings, while boosting their respect and commitment to you.

8. Maintain the Romance

A romantic relationship is full of adventure and excitement. However, what it behind its true power is a sense of honesty and trust, which eventually leads to sexuality, security, stability, dependability and appreciation.

9. Love Without Words

The importance of verbal communication in relationships is often overstated. As it turns out, small, consistent gestures are just as effective at expressing love and affection, and you don’t have to be a poet to be the most romantic lover your partner has ever had.

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10. Sealed With a Kiss

There are some feelings that words cannot describe, and during those moments, a kiss may be all that is required. Kissing has the ability to strengthen your bond, reaffirm your chemical compatibility, and remind your partner that your butter still gets gooey each time your lips cross over the equator!

3 thoughts on “10 Tips to Seal the Deal in Love

  1. leasa

    I need help me and my husband are not doing what I think we should be in a great relationship but he think work is more important than I am or his faimly what should I do I love him

  2. Khummo

    Wow ! Thank you just thinking of my other half reading all this and am proud to say we practise almost all that is here and i feel just love around me, may the Almighty keep us strengthened in each other’s company.


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