Your Weekend Forecast for March 29 – 31, 2013

Your Holiday Weekend

It’s a big holiday weekend for many, even if you are taking a spring break and just enjoying the good weather and wonderful colors that Mother Nature is providing us. This weekend is a springtime extravaganza! We start off the weekend with the Moon in Scorpio on Friday, shifting Saturday into Sagittarius. This heats up the emotional atmosphere with straightforward viewpoints and opinions. This is a “tell it like it is” weekend.


Never one to bite your tongue, there are very lively conversations that spur you on to share information that you are not driven to on a regular basis. Your mindfulness keeps you from overstepping your bounds, allowing for a wealth of knowledge to come to the surface as you express yourself in the most eloquent way.


A successful plan proves to be the right action as everyone piles in the SUV for a road trip to a favorite destination. Always appreciating those who are in your circle makes these next few days very special, not only for you but also for everyone else who goes on the trip. Having more than one vehicle keeps comfort at the forefront.


Hearing about yourself from others can be an enlightening and actually an enjoyable experience because you are just so fantastic and humble. Even you need a pick-me-up sometimes and this weekend you get it from those who love you. Spinning into control, you accomplish what you need to do with ease.


Having deep, spiritual roots propels you into having a unique occurrence on Sunday afternoon. You have the opportunity to share information about social justice and freedom. Saturday night puts you on the fast track for romance with the person you have been courting now for some time.


For a while now your past has been popping into you head and you want to put to bed any negative feelings you have been carrying around with you for way too long. With all the strong, spiritual energy this weekend is a great time to meditate, workout and clear the old cobwebs from your mind.


Wondering how well you know your lover creates a conversation that brings about understanding and peace of mind for the both of you. The roller coaster ride is over and you can take a deep breath as you both elevate the relationship to the next level. Oh, how good it is for spring to be in the air.


Karmic thoughts from past lives invade your weekend with feelings of “how did I get here.” Looking at all your accomplishments on both a spiritual level and worldly level gives way to a humble sense of pride. Shelved ideas are dusted off and put into motion with more conviction than you had when you started the project. “Accomplishment” is your mantra this weekend.


Your own thinking process only holds you back. Change the way you think (might be like moving a mountain) and you will uncover a revolution. This is a time to awaken your sleeping giant of spiritual realization, which gives your talents a chance to shine. Let the cream rise to the top by not stirring the pot.


Take time to think before you speak this weekend—just for 10 seconds, hold your thought and make sure no one will find it unpleasant or uncomfortable. Your natural way is mind to mouth, making you so honest in your dialogue. Keep the honest energy of course; just give yourself a pause before you share your information.


Crystallized visions of the past mixed with past life experiences allow you to clear up old, damaged vibrations. This energy gives you power in a positive way so that the ones you care about most can benefit from your visions as well. Major changes are coming and this weekend puts things in place for acceptable outcomes.


During this very fertile time of year, you also grow and produce creative projects that keep you going for a long time. The colors of the season keep happy thoughts, a sense of warmth and make you want to get out for long walks or a bike ride. Inspiration comes from all the beautiful flowers and budding of plants.


There is such a strong connection in your life right now that you are on top of the world. Loving someone makes you happy. Figuring out how to fit all of life together gives you both the opportunity to talk and plan for the future. Your natural, free-flowing nature makes it easy to see how your partner’s ideas can be successful.

5 thoughts on “Your Weekend Forecast for March 29 – 31, 2013

  1. bella

    Ms. Quinn,

    OMG YOU WOULD BE RIGHT AGAIN, I 4 GOT ABOUT THAT 1 !!! LOL WHAT IN THE world was I thinking ??? YEAH you GOTTA LUV IT !!! OH yea jc butt IS gonna GO MIA, LOL 🙂 !!! I better GO & let MY patty know, IS WHAT I think ??? I”M glad 2 see I AM NOT the only comedy ACT 4 today/NIGHT SHOW, Thank You, OMG I WILL TRY lol lol !!! GOOD thing today WAS GOOD FRIDAY AHHH & I THINK jc NEEDS 2 think ABOUT all the promise THAT WAS MADE ON that SPECIAL DAY & MAYBE that might SAVE HIM LOL LOL !! 🙂 ((quinn)) xoxo Bella 🙂 🙂

  2. quinn ext 5484

    BELLA (think of marlon brando screaming stella) lol. gotta love ya bella, wish we had a favorite client list. 🙂

    Lj – xoxox to you

    Faith – if you asked me “how did i get here” i would say – “faith you got good karma”
    love ya,

  3. bella

    Hey Ms. Quinn,

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  4. LJ

    this inspires me – just made last minute plans and had to refer to my weekend forecast – I never start the weekend without it. thanks Quinn
    xo LJ

  5. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Love the Libra forecast! Just how did I get here? LOL! 😉

    Have a great Easter weekend Quinn!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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