4 Amazing & Unexpected Things to Do in Bed

Get Wild and Enjoy Yourself!

It’s never too late to add some new and saucy bedroom material to your repertoire if you’re open and are willing to get a little creative! Let’s take a look at some sultry tactics sure to add major wattage to your sex life.

Toy Confidence

Have you tried using toys in the bedroom? If not, get one and learn how to use it, even if it means practicing on yourself first! Master it and then introduce it to your lover. You can make it even more fun and sexy that what the box promises.

Never Underestimate Touch

Skin on skin contact can be one of the most amazing sensory experiences you share with another. All it takes is slowing down and taking notice of every touch, however subtle. Instead of rushing towards the end goal in the bedroom, spend time touching your partner’s body. Learn to tease their body in unforgettable ways and bring the “wow factor” back to bed.

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Create the Perfect Game

If you know your partner’s favorite bedroom activities, use that knowledge to create the perfect game to meet both of your sensual needs. This is the best opportunity you’ll get to embrace your favorite erotic pastimes all in one session, so have fun with it and be creative!

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Devote Every Moment to Them

While the wondrous joy of intimacy arises from both partners being able to pleasure one another, throw your mate completely off guard by making this time completely about them. This means every touch, each caress, and all your attention is dedicated to their pleasure. There is no greater gift to your lover than this, and through this sensual experience both of you will reach new heights of attraction and appreciation for one another.

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