Psychic Insight: Attract Your True Love

What Does Love Look Like?

Love transcends all other bonds. It can mold or warp our view of reality. It can be a place of safety and confusion. Finding our true love is not a straight path. Love often throws curve balls and causes episodes of doubt and uncertainty. To help us better navigate our love path, I asked many of our psychics for the best love advice they’ve ever received. Here are four, profoundly moving statements about love and how it has affected their lives.

Follow Your Heart because it Knows the Truth

Psychic Taylor ext. 5322: “The best love advice I was ever given was by my grandmother who said, ‘Follow your heart. It has the capacity to guide you to your truth. It will never lie to you or steer you wrong.’ This advice came from her posthumously in a meditation about a year after her death when I, with young children, was struggling with the weighty decision to end my marriage. It was the wisest counsel I’ve ever received, and I have never regretted following it.” If your heart is confused, find clarity with a relationship reading from Psychic Taylor.

Stop Looking for Love

Psychic Berlin ext. 5370: “My grandmother said, ‘Love is something that can’t be found. Love finds us if we just let it.’ This taught me to be patient, to wait on what destiny had in store for me, not just in love, but in life as well.” Having trouble finding true love? Ask Psychic Berlin what’s next on your love path.

Honor Your Friendship

Psychic Cameron ext. 5412: “The best piece of love advice I ever got was that the best romantic relationships begin as friendships. A close friend of mine said this to me when I was dating. Romance in a partnership is wonderful, but if your mate is also a friend, a relationship can last a lifetime. Some people don’t feel their boyfriend or girlfriend can ever be trusted, but they are deeply loyal and faithful to their friends. I think seeing your partner as your friend takes the pressure off of having to have the ‘perfect relationship.’ We often give our friends a break and forgive them when they make mistakes. Your partner should be someone you would like and respect as a friend, even if you weren’t in love with them. I was so grateful for this advice!” Do you find that you’re fighting more, and you’re not sure why? Get a love reading from Psychic Cameron and get the answers.

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  1. Carol

    I am 51 years. I really don’t really know what to say. My husband past away the end of march of 16 years with cancer I loved him with all my heart and soul.


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